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Tango Bra by Panache

Why Do You Love Seamed Bras So Much?

…is a question I’ve been getting with some frequency, and it’s high time I answered it. It’s true, I love seamed bras with all my heart. Seams are the best. Seams make my boobs go round. Seams will never give you up, let you down, run around, desert you, make you cry, etc. Okay, that might […] Read more…

What Katie Did Liz Lavender Bra, Panties, and Garter Belt

Sweet Nothing Du Jour 4/27/15: What Katie Did Liz Lavender Bra, Panties, and Garter Belt

I know this bra doesn’t come in the full size range I usually cover, but hello: This is really, really darling. What Katie Did, based in London and Los Angeles, specializes in modern reproductions of vintage lingerie styles like cone and bullet bras, high-waist tap panties, and supportive garter belts, plus, of course, their super-popular ready-to-wear […] Read more…

Isla Bra by Just Peachy, $31. 30-38 DD-G.

Sweet Treats: Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Another year, another Valentine’s Day during which Sweets is single, another year where she doesn’t especially fucking care, because there is pretty lingerie out there that she is happy to buy for HERSELF, thank you. Seriously, Valentine’s Day can be a polarizing holiday (and a stressful one: be in a relationship at all costs, make […] Read more…

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