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v=Cougar Silk Tulle Triangle Bra (£94) (S, M, L), Silk Tulle Tassel Corset Back Knicker (£94) (XS-XL), and Tassel Suspenders (£89) (S, M, L) by Damaris

Holiday Gifts- Lingerie Inspired by The Nutcracker

Yes, I staged yesterday’s Sugar Plum Fairy editorial mostly so I could say “Kingdom of Sweets” multiple times in all seriousness. Also, y’all, apparently it’s cool among adult dancers to roll their eyes and go “oh, the Nutcracker, I’m so sick of the Nutcracker”, and I’m sorry but NOPE. The Nutcracker is awesome. Julia Lambert and […] Read more…

The Sweet Nothings Holiday Edit- The Nutcracker. Lingerie by Tutti Rouge, Dita Von Teese, Kiss Me Deadly, photo by Lydia Hudgens.

Once Upon a Time: The Nutcracker

Once upon a time, on Christmas Eve, a young girl named Clara waited eagerly with her younger brother Fritz for the their family’s Christmas party. Finally night fell, the candles were lit, the guests arrived, and the drawing room doors opened to reveal a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Children gathered under the tree and exchanged […] Read more…