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Yes, this is technically a sports bra, but if you're concerned about stability, this bra will do the trick. I've mentioned it previously as the only bra I can run long distances in without breaking my skin, but it could also work as an option on a day you want to be wire-free but also plan to run errands, do chores, or otherwise be active. It's...not the cutest, but there are plenty of colors to choose from across a few different styles, and it will definitely give you plenty of support.

My Half-Marathon MVP: The Enell Sports Bra

At this point in my life I have tried a whole lotta sports bras, y’all. I’ve tried some bad ones, sure, but happily in full-bust world there are some really, REALLY good ones out there. I don’t think of myself as an athlete, nor indeed as even being remarkably athletic, but as a well-endowed person who […] Read more…

Bravissimo Boudoir Beau Poppy

My 10 Favorite Bras

There are a LOT of bras out there. Even (and especially!) in full-bust land: the range of options in cup sizes D-K has grown so, so much in the last 10 years. So where do you start if you’re new to D+ bras? I have general suggestions of good full-bust bras I’ll offer to people […] Read more…

Panache Sport Non-Wire Bra

Sports Bras I Have Known: A Round-Up for Big Boobs

Y’all, I have tried me some sports bras. Lest you run away with an inflated sense of my athletic prowess, picture, if you will, a 5’10” 13-year-old who made it onto the middle school basketball team and would cheerfully pass the ball to the opposing team, lest she seemed too mean or aggressive. She also came to two […] Read more…

Sweet Nothings Panache Sports Top Review

Review: Panache Sport Top

Back in January I shared my thoughts on the super-popular Panache sports bra, and you might recall that they were pretty glowing.  I seriously have four different colors of this bra in my lingerie drawer right now, and I kind of want to buy four more because my size is changing and some of mine are worn out. […] Read more…

"Jecca" Longline Bikini and High-Waist Brief by Cleo. Available in sizes 28-38 D-H, XS-XXL. Padded bandeau bikini (28-38 D-G) and gathered swim brief also available.

Support in Style: My Favorite Full-Bust Swimsuits

Happy Memorial Day, American readers! Summer is definitely on its way, and with the temperatures climbing in NYC I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite full-bust swim collections from this season.  With picks ranging from bikinis to full swimsuits to athletic wear, I hope you see something you love! All […] Read more…

Panache Sport sports bra red

Review: Panache Sports Bra

I cannot BELIEVE I haven’t reviewed this bra yet. Sorry, I know it’s January and we’re all kind of sick of get-fit-now! advertorials and activewear-for-a-new-you! articles [Update: Bras and Body Image has a fantastic, compassionate post up today about how “fitspo” can be problematic], but since we’re talking about it anyway, and furthermore since it IS […] Read more…

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