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Sweet Nothings 2018 holiday: Circe. (c) Sylvie Rosokoff

Women of Prophecy: Circe

We came to Aiaia, which is an island. There lived Circe of the lovely hair, the dread goddess who talks with mortals. -The Odyssey ‘I gave her an embossed gold cup to tell me all she knew of Circe, daughter of Helios, witch of Aiaia.’ ‘Well?’ ‘She said that a man named Odysseus, born from […] Read more…

"Spot Sweetheart Prom Dress" by Pepperberry (£85.00). Available in sizes 8-18 Curvy, Really Curvy, and Super Curvy (dress sizes are UK sizes)

Full-Bust Friendly Party Dresses

Argh, I did this totally backwards, didn’t I?  I talked about the underwear to go with your party dress before I talked about the dresses themselves.  And there are some CUTE party dresses out there right now for ladies with full busts.  I had a terrible time coming up with a concise list (not really […] Read more…