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Sweet Nothings Holiday 2015: Women of Mystery- Miss Fisher. Photo: Steven Rosen Photography

Women of Mystery: The Lady Detective

“The term is ‘lingerie’, and it’s the way to a woman’s heart.” –You’re not taking this situation seriously. –I haven’t taken anything seriously since 1918. ** “I don’t allow myself to be lustfully compromised during my murder investigations.” ** –I’ll never again dismiss the fashion world as frivolous. It all looks harmless enough, but you never […] Read more…

Sweet Nothings CurveNY Trend Report FW2015- Blue: Clockwise from top left: Freya 'Deco Delight', Elomi 'Bijou', Huit 'Pure Color', Curvy Kate 'Portia', Claudette 'Dessous', Tutti Rouge 'Nichole', Claudette 'Darling', Fantasie 'Allegra', Dear Bowie 'Brigitte' Robe

CurveNY Trend Report: Fall/Winter 2015

Other titles I thought of for this post: Curve NY Trend Report: Everyone’s Blue Period CurveNY Trend Report: A Case of the Blues CurveNY Trend Report: Singing the Blues etc., etc., because DAYUM, y’all, did you all read the same trend report? Was this planned? Is there some strange designer mind-meld in the works? Is […] Read more…