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Isla Bra by Just Peachy, $31. 30-38 DD-G.

Sweet Treats: Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Another year, another Valentine’s Day during which Sweets is single, another year where she doesn’t especially fucking care, because there is pretty lingerie out there that she is happy to buy for HERSELF, thank you. Seriously, Valentine’s Day can be a polarizing holiday (and a stressful one: be in a relationship at all costs, make […] Read more…

The Sweet Nothings Holiday Edit- The Sleeping Beauty. Lingerie by Claudette, LaLilouche, Stockingirl, photo by Lydia Hudgens, flowers by Mimosa Floral.

Once Upon A Time: The Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time, there lived a King and Queen who longed for a child. At last their dream came true, and a baby princess was born, whom they named Aurora. The King and Queen invited distinguished guests from all over the land to attend the baby’s christening. Among the guests were a number of powerful fairies, all of […] Read more…