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Sweet Nothings Dottie's Delights Giveaway

Sweet Nothings Anniversary Giveaway #2: Dottie’s Delights

I just really want everyone who wants one to own a froofy robe, you know? If fluffy ruffled peignoirs aren’t your thing, (A) can I have them? and (B) Dottie’s Delights offers so, so many other gorgeous, fun, vintage-inspired pieces, all handmade in the USA! Try a garter belt or sweeping gown or silk tap pants or a bra […] Read more…

"Snow in September" camisole by I.D. Sarrieri

Sweets Goes Shopping: A Continuing Education at the Atelier at Journelle

I participate in a few private Facebook groups for lingerie professionals and enthusiasts, and by and large I’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences. I get to see so many different sides to the industry: other bloggers participate, yes, but I also hear from journalists, educators, retailers, designers, and marketing representatives. It’s so valuable to learn not only how […] Read more…

Nutella Swirl Bread

Nutella Swirl Bread

I’ve had the idea for this bread brewing in the back of my mind for MONTHS.  I stopped at a coffee shop in Grand Central one morning a while back to get a cup of decaf, because I live life on the edge, and the bakery display case had slices of a pound-cake-like something labeled […] Read more…

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