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Sweet Nothings reviews Ewa Michalak PL Jagodzianki. Photo by Lydia Hudgens.

Review: Ewa Michalak PL Jagodzianki

Dear Poland, I take back everything I ever said about padded bras; you were right and I was wrong. This is my second set from Polish lingerie brand Ewa Michalak, part of the group Ewa originally picked out for me back in November (I reviewed the BM Bibi czarny Tulipan earlier this year). I had to exchange this […] Read more…

Isla Bra by Just Peachy, $31. 30-38 DD-G.

Sweet Treats: Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Another year, another Valentine’s Day during which Sweets is single, another year where she doesn’t especially fucking care, because there is pretty lingerie out there that she is happy to buy for HERSELF, thank you. Seriously, Valentine’s Day can be a polarizing holiday (and a stressful one: be in a relationship at all costs, make […] Read more…

Sweet Nothings reviews Ewa Michalak BM Bibi czarny Tulipan

Review: Ewa Michalak BM Bibi Czarny Tulipan

I’m really excited to be reviewing my first-ever bra by Polish lingerie powerhouse Ewa Michalak! I’ve shared some her designs in past posts and gift guides, but I’d never tried her products for myself, partly because I was timid about figuring out my size and partly because I was worried about deliveries to and from Poland […] Read more…

Iced Ivory Peignoir by Flora Nikrooz ($125) and Lace Boudoir Robe by Fleur Wood ($250), both via Anthropologie

Holiday Gifts- Lingerie Inspired by Swan Lake

While I only styled Odile, the Black Swan, for yesterday’s editorial, I thought it would be fun to find pieces to suit your mood when you’re feeling like Odette, the White Swan, as well. This list is pretty much an I’ll-take-one-of-everything-thanks kind of list for me personally– what do you think? Also I made this joke […] Read more…

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