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Peach Bettie Pyjamas by Betty Blue's Loungerie, XS-XL

Holiday Gift Guide: Lingerie Inspired by Agent Carter

In some respects choosing pieces for the Agent Carter gift guide to accompany the Agent Carter editorial has been the easiest of the three, because at the time her story is set (late 1940s moving into the 1950s), women’s lingerie was starting to take on the shapes we’re familiar with today: underwire bras, garments like girdles […] Read more…

Surrender Basque and Peep-Hole Brief. Collection includes Thong and Plunge Bra. 30-38 DD-HH, S-XL

Coming Soon: Scantilly by Curvy Kate

I attended the seasonal Curve trade show in New York in August, and while I will get to a round-up of some of the trends headed our way for Spring/Summer 2016 (I promise!), it’s taking me a long time to put the post together. Some of that is because work has kept me very busy […] Read more…

Sweet Nothings reviews Bravissimo Lola Luxe Basque in Scarlet

Review: Lola Luxe Scarlet by Bravissimo

OBVIOUSLY I was going to buy this one the minute it was released. How could I not? Do you see my site artwork up there in the header? It’s LIKE THIS LINGERIE WAS MADE JUST FOR ME. Note: I purchased this set with my own money under my real name. Bravissimo is unaffiliated with this review. […] Read more…

Iced Ivory Peignoir by Flora Nikrooz ($125) and Lace Boudoir Robe by Fleur Wood ($250), both via Anthropologie

Holiday Gifts- Lingerie Inspired by Swan Lake

While I only styled Odile, the Black Swan, for yesterday’s editorial, I thought it would be fun to find pieces to suit your mood when you’re feeling like Odette, the White Swan, as well. This list is pretty much an I’ll-take-one-of-everything-thanks kind of list for me personally– what do you think? Also I made this joke […] Read more…

Figleaves Boudoir Illicite Bra, Suspender, and Brief. Bra sizes 30-36 B-G, accessories in sizes 8-16 (UK).

Sweet Nothing Du Jour 10/20/14: Figleaves Boudoir Illicite Collection

Good grief, Figleaves has seriously been on FIRE lately. One of my favorite lingerie e-retailers, I continue to be impressed with both their buyers and their in-house designers. Not only are they stocking some of my absolute favorite brands’ best full-bust styles for this season (check out Cleo’s Jolie, Sculptresse’s Paradise, Fantasie’s Ivana, Freya’s Deco […] Read more…

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