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Sweet Nothings reviews Dottie's Delights Sugar Candy Babydoll. Photo (c) Studio Rezin

Review: Dottie’s Delights Sugar Candy Babydoll

[Disclosure: I purchased this piece under my real name with my own money. Dottie’s Delights is not affiliated with this post, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.] Hey Holly, what’s up? Nothing much, just SUPER EXCITED to be team-reviewing a super cute, super sheer, vintage-inspired babydoll with you, that’s all! That’s right, today […] Read more…

Sweet Nothings Elomia Maria Babydoll Review

Review: Maria Babydoll by Elomi

As though I couldn’t love the Maria collection more, Elomi had to go and introduce the cutest freaking sheer babydoll ever. I’m sorry, Cleo Marcie, you’re very, very cute, but this one has ruffles. No contest. Note: I purchased this piece with my own money under my real name. All thoughts and opinions are my […] Read more…