Unless stated otherwise, any item I review is one I purchased for myself with my own money. Any item that was sent as a gift or as a review sample will be clearly identified as such. All opinions, evaluations, and recommendations are entirely my own and are not influenced by any outside factors. Please note: while I am happy to receive review samples, I will never solicit one. If anyone requests a review sample and claims it’s for Sweet Nothings, please let me know right away.

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I write about the things that interest me and that I think will interest my readers. If your press release interests me, then I will research and write about it. If you send me an item for review, I will consider reviewing it. I reserve the right NOT to write about these things, and when/if I do write about them, my words will be reflections of my own thoughts and feelings about them.

While I don’t currently accept guest content, I am beginning to consider running sponsored posts and collaborations. Please email me if you are interested in sponsoring any content (blog posts, photoshoots, giveaways, etc.) on Sweet Nothings.

Sweets, what size are you? I want to know if I can wear the things you review!

I deliberately don’t include a lot of details about the sizes I wear. I’m tall, broad-shouldered, struggle with things like gloves and shoes, and I’m in the full-bust market. Other than that, I don’t get too specific. There are a few reasons why. The first is a selfish one: my mind can start to run a bit obsessively over some of my anxieties, and for my own mental health I try to focus on how I feel more than what I weigh. I no longer own a scale. I don’t want my size at any given point in time written down in black and white, simply because it can be a bit triggering for me. If you do want more details than I provide in a given post, please feel free to email me.

The other reasons are more philosophical. In my own experience, it’s been tempting to evaluate myself in relation to another woman by comparing our sizes. It’s weird, it’s perverse, but I have in the past found myself saying “I am lesser/I am greater than she” simply based on the sizes we wear and the implied ease or difficulty either of us has in finding clothes. I want to address some of the fit issues and difficulties that affect lots of different shapes and sizes of women, and I hope that by removing my personal specifics from the mix, it will be easier to look at the situations objectively. I also think we attach a lot of psychological weight and importance to the numbers/letters on the tag. It’s why we aspire to be “a size six” or “a size twelve” and think “I can’t possibly be a D-cup.” These labels can be really limiting, and I think it’s much more important in any given situation to focus on fit, not on size. One woman may have bras in her lingerie drawer with labels reading 32G, 34FF, 32FF, and 34H, and they might all fit her equally well (I know, I know, it’s maddening. That’s why I’m here). I will try to indicate if an item runs “true to size” by comparing it to other items where possible.

Exception: I wear size 11 shoes and Tall pants, and if y’all find cute ones, holler at me right away!