About Sweets: Age 32, Secretary by day, Baker by night.

FabFit™ Academy Certified Bra Fitter, lover of all things silky and frilly.

Born out of a desire to share lingerie tips and resources, Sweet Nothings has become a destination for lingerie reviews, bra fitting advice, and editorials covering a range of topics from body image and feminism to ballet and pole dancing. I am dedicated to helping all women find lingerie that fits their individual bodies and makes them feel fantastic, no matter their age or size. I am a certified bra fitter and am available for personal fittings, shopping, and lingerie styling consultations. I have extensive experience fitting full-bust women, and over 16,000 visitors stop by the blog each month for reviews, fit tips, opinion pieces, trend stories, and, yes, okay, also dessert recipes.

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