I Like This: Rosamosario’s Wool Knit Robes

A few things I hope we can agree on: Rosamosario’s website makes no sense, their pricing is bonkers (I mean, they’re a luxury lingerie company so I’m prepared for high figures, but what’s weird is identical products have wildly different prices depending on where you happen to find them), the pictures are uploaded in a very blogger un-friendly way, it is impossible to filter products in a way that helps you find what you’re looking for, let us filter by size at least, the English-language copy is a little cringe, and some of their photoshoots are less than successful (incidentally, this product is one of the ones that’s listed on a different page for a wildly different price).


Things we can agree on:

Rosamosario She's a Maze with No Escape Robe

Rosamosario She’s a Maze with No Escape Robe, XS-XXL, approx. $1850

This robe looks snuggly as hell.

Rosamosario She's a Maze with No Escape Robe

Rosamosario She’s a Maze with No Escape Robe, XXS-XXL, approx. $1850

This robe looks elegant as hell.

Rosamosario Somebody Likes it Hot Robe

Rosamosario Somebody Likes it Hot Robe, XXS-XXL, approx. $1850

This robe looks very “whilst vacationing luxuriously at a private ski chalet in the Alps there has been a Mysterious Midnight Death and and you are roused from your room when the handsome detective arrives in the wee hours with a snowstorm at his back and asks everyone to gather in the main room for hot chocolate/brandy/suspect interviews and also oh no the snow has cut us all off from the outside world and the phone lines are down and…”

It also comes in different colors (mostly pink variants, but still).

Rosamosario En-Suite Courcheval! Robe

Rosamosario En-Suite Courcheval! Robe, XXS-XXL, approx. $1150

Rosamosario Wow Club Gstaad! Robe

Rosamosario Wow Club Gstaad! Robe, XXS-XXL, approx. $1150

Rosamosario My Cozy Aspen Robe

Rosamosario My Cozy Aspen Robe, XXS-XXL, approx. $1150

If someone has either $1850 or $1150, depending on which product page you pick (sigh), that they would like to give me to get an unnecessarily dramatic but undeniably snuggly wool robe to wear over a long silk slip dress to get me through what will likely be a tough and solitary winter, you know where to find me.

P.S. I actually really love all the wool knit pieces they’ve introduced for the season, despite the baffling product listings. Great robes, multiple corsets, and some really beautiful knicker shapes. The best way I’ve found to see them all is to search ‘Wool’ in the search box on the Rosamosario site, otherwise you’ll pull your hair out trying to find them all.

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  1. Asiya
    July 28, 2021 at 4:06 pm (2 years ago)

    I’ve never heard of this designer or product before coming across this article … and it is GORGEOUS. That robe belongs in my closet now.


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