Wishlist: New Styles from Avocado Lingerie

Avocado Lingerie has really mastered the art of creating full bust lingerie styles that feel fresh and current and yet stand out in an increasingly competitive market. They’ve incorporated two major trends, the strappy bra and the high-apex bra, and with color, textiles, and extravagant details like elegant crossed back straps and statement embroidery, made those trends feel fresh and unique, resolutely their own. The brand offers lots of different coordinates for each bra style, just a touch of whimsy in color choices and embroidery placement, and gorgeous details on both the front and backs of each piece. I’ve covered two previous collections here and here, and I reviewed two styles, the classic Jewel and the striking Ce Soir. When I visited Avocado’s site recently I immediately made a wishlist of some of the new styles released this year, but I am on a spending ban for the next two months, so please come ogle them with me in the meantime!

Avocado Lingerie Alhambra Bra in Black


Avocado Lingerie Alhambra Bra


Avocado Lingerie Dalida Bra- back

Dalida (back view)

Avocado Lingerie Dalida Bra


Avocado Lingerie Misia Bra in Taupe

Misia (taupe)

Avocado Lingerie Misia Twin- back

Misia Twin (back view)

Avocado Lingerie Misia Twin Bra

Misia Twin

Avocado Lingerie Silk Gardenia Bra

Silk Gardenia (be sure to check out Wen’s review at Comics Girls Need Bras!)

Avocado Lingerie Jour


I particularly love Misia Twin, Silk Gardenia, and Dalida; which ones are your favorites?

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  1. virago
    March 20, 2019 at 9:29 pm (4 years ago)

    Oh! Misia (taupe) and Jour have caught my eye. The strappy trend has by and large left me feeling “meh,” but Jour is a beauty.


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