Review: Dottie’s Delights Hawa Lounge Set

[I purchased this set under my real name with my own money. Dottie’s Delights is not affiliated with this review, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.]

I had already decided that 2019 would be the Year of Fancy Pajamas.

Sweet Nothings reviews Dottie's Delights Hawa Lounge Set

There are a few reasons why: I turn 35 this year and my personal style is evolving, and also my job is getting increasingly challenging and driving me to really treasure my leisure time (and wardrobe). But really the biggest thing is that this is my twelfth year in New York, and the fact is that a lot of the clothes I’ve worn for that time are literally falling apart.

I want to replace my threadbare, hole-y pajamas and t-shirts with a deliberate collection of pretty, comfortable pieces to sleep in that better reflect my personal style now, in my 30s, rather than who I was in high school or college. I also want pieces that help me feel put together when I work from home or if I have guests over for dinner or drinks: I love the idea of growing into a wanna-be grande dame who welcomes her guests in a silk robe, but it feels a little too intimate without nice pajama trousers underneath. Finally, I’m going to have a lot of work travel this year, and it’s exhausting and draining, and I’ve learned it’s an entirely different thing from traveling on vacation. I like to bring some small indulgences with me on business trips, so that coming back to the hotel offers some little pleasures, rather than just a place to crash. I usually bring my fanciest Sephora samples I’ve been hoarding, a silk eye mask, and a nice robe, but it would be lovely to have nice pajamas to put on too, even if I have to pull out my computer and keep working.

Sweet Nothings wears Dottie's Delights Hawa Bodysuit. Photo (c) Tessa Flannery

The Hawa bodysuit, which I’ve worn a few times on the blog. Photo: Tessa Flannery

Enter my first Fancy Pajama purchase of 2019: the Hawa lounge shirt and lounge pants by Dottie’s Delights, which I fell in love with at a NYC trunk show late last year. I already loved this collection (I’ve worn the matching bodysuit in this Blade Runner-themed shoot and again in December’s holiday party editorial), but I wasn’t sure if the super-wide-leg style of the pants would feel right to me. I tend to avoid palazzo style pants in my regular wardrobe, but I LOVE the Hawa lounge pants. Loose, light, breezy, and comfortable, they’re long enough for my long legs, easy to throw on around the house, and they open up some interesting layering possibilities for outerwear. I initially purchased a different piece at the trunk show, but when it didn’t quite work for me, I asked to exchange it for the Hawa lounge pants and matching shirt.

The Hawa set is inspired by 1930s silhouettes, with soft draping shapes made from a beautiful black-and-sheer floral fabric with gentle stretch. The camisole top is sleeveless with a slightly high neckline, a loose, draping shape, and ties at the waist for cinching. The hem hits me at my hips and finishes with a row of soft stretch lace. The lounge pants are gloriously full and long, with a high waist that’s softly elasticated in the back so they pull off and on easily.

Sweet Nothings reviews Dottie's Delights Hawa Lounge Set

Please ignore the fact that I’m a ding dong who left the tags on and didn’t notice for…a while

In terms of fit, both the pants and top offer a lot of flexibility. Following the size chart, I went with the XL/XXL size for the top, and I’m glad I did, so that it can accommodate my broad shoulders and full bust without pulling or stretching. For the pants I went with the size I tried on at the trunk show, 1X, and I love the fit. They’re just the sort of thing I want to pull on when I get home from work and shed my endless winter work layers of tights/slip/skirt/undershirt/blouse/sweater etc. These pants are literally easy and breezy, and while they’re really going to be much better suited to summer temperatures, I’ve been wearing them around the apartment constantly in spite of the winter chill.

Sweet Nothings reviews Dottie's Delights Hawa Lounge Set

I absolutely love the old Hollywood feel of these pajamas. I don’t usually sleep in pajama pants or in long gowns, because I don’t like having lots of fabric twist around my legs in my sleep, but I’ve worn these all day long for the last several weekends in a row (and had some serious naps). I love that the shapes are classic and full-coverage, yet the fabric makes them a bit more sultry and revealing. I know I’m going to wear them even more frequently as the temperatures rise, and I could even see them working as a coverup over a black bikini at the beach or pool. It could also be fun to layer a suspender belt and stockings underneath for an evening out, if I were feeling particularly daring. They’re a little more delicate than my old go-to tee shirt and boxer shorts, so they’ll require a bit more care, but I’m looking forward to wearing this set constantly as the temperatures climb.

There really isn’t anything else quite like this collection on the market, and I’m thrilled it’s my first Fancy Pajama purchase of 2019. I love how these pajamas look, I love how they feel, and, most importantly, Miss Fisher would totally wear them.

Sweet Nothings reviews Dottie's Delights Hawa Lounge Set

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Hawa Lounge Shirt and Lounge Pants: Dottie’s Delights. Shirt ($60) available in XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL. Pants ($133) available in XS-3X. There’s also a gorgeous coordinating lace bralette in sizes XS-XL.

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