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[This post is sponsored by Broad Lingerie]

I’m really excited to share today’s post with you, commissioned specially to mark Broad Lingerie’s 2nd birthday. If you’re not following Broad Lingerie’s blog, written by Broad Lingerie’s own Shavaun, or social media channels, I really think you’re missing out! Based in Toronto, Broad Lingerie specializes in offering expert fit advice and a great selection of styles specifically for those who wear D cups or higher. Owner Sam Conover knows all about fit, style, and comfort needs for those with larger breasts. Broad Lingerie is one of the few retailers I know of that talks openly about how to offer safe, supportive fitting experiences for people who might not feel comfortable having a one on one session in a fitting room.

Even someone like me, who knows a TON about lingerie, has tried on literally hundreds of bras, and has a really strong idea of what kind of fit I want and how to get it, can feel nervous about going into a fitting room. Fitting rooms can be vulnerable places at the best of times, and especially with bras, which are literally intimate apparel, it’s no wonder that people might bring anxieties or worries into the room with them. Sam and Shavaun work hard to make sure that anyone who sets foot in Broad feels welcome and comfortable (check out the fabulous What to Expect in a Bra Fitting post from their blog to get a better sense of how they work!).

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Broad Lingerie also has a big announcement today:

GUESS WHAT, CANADA? You can now shop at Broad Lingerie online! If you can’t get to Toronto, or even if you just need to restock your favorites, Broad Lingerie has a beautifully curated selection of full-bust lingerie and loungewear available to ship anywhere in Canada. I’ll let Sam tell you a little more about this exciting new offering herself:

Broad Lingerie is where full busted folks find D-JJ cup lingerie that fits and feels good. We’ve met thousands of people who feel like outliers because of their big breasts. As bra fitters and full busted people, we hate that so many find bra shopping to be a stressful, awkward experience! So Broad strives to be the opposite of that experience. A place where you don’t have to ask if we carry your size. A place that listens. A place that recognizes the diverse needs of busty people. Because buying a big bra doesn’t have to be a big deal!

We’re kicking off our third year of business by expanding to include online shopping. Our primary focus has always been bra fitting, but we know that it’s not always convenient (or possible) to shop in person. So Broad’s online store will offer an easy way to replace your well-loved and worn out favourites without ever leaving the house! We’re starting small, with an expertly curated collection of our most popular, tried-and-true styles. We’ll also give you the resources you’ll need to become your own bra fitter, including primers on matching your bra to your body shape, how to measure your bust, and how to adjust a new bra to check the fit. Broad Lingerie is known for an informal, warm, and collaborative approach to bra fitting. We can’t wait to bring that to our clients across Canada!

Since Broad Lingerie’s online selection showcases reliable and much-loved customer favorites for pretty, comfortable everyday wear, we decided to do a little lingerie-blogger-at-home photoshoot, rather than a pinup or formal studio session. This is exactly the kind of lingerie I want to wear when I’m relaxing at home or getting dressed for work: pretty, comfortable, and supportive.

And really, what better way to celebrate a birthday (and a shiny new web store) than with a cake? With the fabulous, slightly kitschy oversized floral print of the With Love Lingerie robe, I thought a cake topped with billowy toasted meringue would be the perfect choice. We made the heavenly s’mores cake from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, I got to bust out my culinary blowtorch, Gus got frosting on his nose, and everyone was happy.

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I hope you enjoy these photos!

I’m wearing:

Lace Bralette by Montelle Intimates in size 34 F/G
Clara high-waist briefs by Panache in size XL
Matilda Bra and Brief by Elomi in sizes 32H and L
Large Floral Kimono by With Love Lingerie, one size

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Sweet Nothings x Broad Lingerie shoot_social_13 Sweet Nothings x Broad Lingerie shoot_social_16

Sweet Nothings x Broad Lingerie shoot_social_21 Sweet Nothings x Broad Lingerie shoot_social_18 Sweet Nothings x Broad Lingerie shoot_social_22 Sweet Nothings x Broad Lingerie shoot_social_26 Sweet Nothings x Broad Lingerie shoot_social_27 Sweet Nothings x Broad Lingerie shoot_social_24 Sweet Nothings x Broad Lingerie shoot_social_29 Sweet Nothings x Broad Lingerie shoot_social_33 Sweet Nothings x Broad Lingerie shoot_social_35 Sweet Nothings x Broad Lingerie shoot_social_36 Sweet Nothings x Broad Lingerie shoot_social_34

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All photography by Sylvie Rosokoff

You can follow Broad Lingerie via their blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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  1. Sam
    July 12, 2018 at 12:15 pm (4 years ago)

    My golly I love this photoshoot so much! You look stunning, that cake looks like the yummiest thing ever, and Gus is such a fantastic model!


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