Review: ASOS Fuller Bust Velvet Longline Bra

[I purchased this set under my real name with my own money. ASOS is not affiliated with this review, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.]

Sweet Nothings reviews ASOS Fuller Bust Heidi Green Velvet Longline Bra

One of the most frequent questions I’ve received in the last two years is “where can I find a good full-bust bralette?” Bralettes and wire-free bras have had a huge moment recently, as they’re easy for brands to make and for retailers to stock thanks to lower price points, easier manufacturing, and flexible sizing. However, full-bust folks haven’t been terribly well-served by this trend; it’s HARD to give a full-bust customer the same fit, support, and comfort of a wired bra in a wire-free shape. In fact, it’s impossible, and while full-bust brands have put out bralettes, like Freya’s Fancies and several pieces by Tutti Rouge, none of them have really done it for me, particularly since I wear G+ cup sizes.

Sweet Nothings reviews ASOS Fuller Bust Heidi Green Velvet Longline Bra

That’s why, when an impulse purchase from ASOS showed up in my mailbox and turned out to be pretty darned great, I was, frankly, astonished.Sweet Nothings reviews ASOS Fuller Bust Heidi Green Velvet Longline Bra


Three factors led to hitting the purchase button: velvet lingerie is HUGE right now, this set came in band sizes from 30-40 and cup sizes from D-HH (D-L in US sizes), and the price point was low enough to fit in my strict post-holiday budget. The bralette features triangle-style cups with partially adjustable straps and a longline band, trimmed with five velvet-covered buttons arranged in graduated shades of pink. The band fastens in back with three rows and three columns of hooks and eyes. The matching high-waist briefs fit more like a medium-rise on me (they’re similar to Elomi’s bikini briefs) and feature the same velvet buttons arranged from lightest to darkest shades of pink. The main fabric of the bralette and briefs is a moss-green stretch crushed velvet, and all edges are finished with light elastic.

While this color wouldn’t have been my first choice (I tend to prefer clearer, richer hues, especially with greens), the more I’ve worn it the more it’s grown on me. The buttons were sewn on hilariously badly: loose, haphazard, and not remotely aligned. I re-sewed some of them for these photos, but one day they’ll annoy me enough to take them all off and start again from scratch.

Sweet Nothings reviews ASOS Fuller Bust Heidi Green Velvet Longline Bra


I ordered my current most common size, 32H (32K US), along with a 34H (34K US), as I often find that lingerie from brands that aren’t solely full-bust specialists can sometimes come up small or shallow. To my pleasant surprise, the 32H felt great, although big enough in the band that if the 30HH hadn’t been sold out I would have exchanged it. Because the band doesn’t have any powermesh in it, it’s going to stretch out faster than a regular bra would, and I already wear this fastened on the tightest hooks. The straps are far too long: I wear them tightened as far as they’ll go, and I’m thinking about using a racer back clip to shorten them a little further, which will give me a little more lift and centering.

That said, I’m really, really happy with this purchase. Obviously with a piece like this you can’t expect the same kind of shaping, lift, centering, and support you’d get from an underwired bra with a four-part cup. But that’s not what most folks looking for this kind of wire-free bra want: these styles are for comfort on low-impact days. I like that the band sits low on my back, and I like having a wire-free bra that still has cups, so I get some separation and coverage.

Sweet Nothings reviews ASOS Fuller Bust Heidi Green Velvet Longline Bra


Ugh, this set is so comfy. The wire-free bras I’ve tried in the past have been shelf or compression style, without distinct cups, and they usually leave me feeling smooshed, or like my breasts are going to spill out the top or sides or bottom as I move around. While this bra doesn’t give me a ton of lift or shaping, it feels great to wear. I’ve cooked, cleaned, assembled IKEA furniture, even gone down the street to the bodega wearing it, and it’s stayed comfortable the whole time.

Sweet Nothings reviews ASOS Fuller Bust Heidi Green Velvet Longline Bra

I am concerned that the band is going to stretch out quickly, since it was big to start with and there’s no powermesh lining, which would give the band more recovery than the stretch velvet alone. And as with every other wire-free bra I’ve tried, I have to adjust the fit more frequently than I would with a wired bra, since it simply can’t offer the stability an underwire would provide.


I’ve never kept a lingerie order from ASOS before, but now that I’ve tried this set (and now that they’re branching out to G+ cups and I’m not cheating the fit, oops), I’m looking forward to trying more styles from ASOS’ in-house collections. I’m not buying any new sets until April, but from the D-HH collections, I really like the look of this unusual gray/yellow lace set, this sweet red heart mesh, a nice print satin, and this lovely triangle bra set with velvet dots and a matching French knicker.

Have you tried any of ASOS’ in-house lingerie? What do you look for in wire-free bras?

Sweet Nothings reviews ASOS Fuller Bust Heidi Green Velvet Longline Bra

Bralette and High-Waist Pant: ASOS Fuller Bust Heidi collection. Limited sizes still available, original size range 28-40 DD-L (US) / 28-40 DD-HH (UK). You can find more of ASOS’ fuller bust collections here. ASOS relabels the sizes on their US site, so if you’re shopping there, the cup size progression is DD/E, DDD/F, G, H, I, J, K, L.

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  1. PersephoneUnderground
    July 11, 2018 at 6:36 pm (4 years ago)

    Great post- I find the “fashion” bralettes so annoying because they often are just sized S, M, L, which inevitably means that it’s sized for standard busts (or just designed more like a shirt-like thing than a bra) so if you have a larger difference between your cup-size and rib-cage, as we do, it simply can’t fit. *sigh* They just fake me out with their prettiness, then I see the tag “M” and get disappointed.

    I have two bralettes, and they feel so odd to me since I’ve gotten used to being held very firmly in underwire bras. I still love my silk one (Angela Friedman <3 ) but it is so light and the actual feeling of wearing it is so different that I take a while to relax in it and stop thinking about my bra. I have to stop myself shortening the straps to try to make it feel tighter when it just isn't designed that way (however- slides in the *front*, my mind was blown). Do you find the difference bothers you, or just find it comfy?

    Anyway, I just circled back after your hiatus and am happy to see you've been posting again!


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