A Full-Bust Lingerie Wishlist

During my blogging hiatus I had some much-needed time to step away from the industry a bit, and so of course when I came back I caught the lingerie bug baaaad. All I want to do right now is buy myself presents, ignoring the fact that, ya know, I already have a little bit of a lingerie storage overflow problem.

It’s not my fault, it’s just that designers rudely keep designing gorgeous things. Plus the time off helped me get out of the impulse-purchase cycle, so if I’ve admired a particular piece for years and I’m still thinking about it now, I know that it’s true love. So here’s the lingerie I can’t stop thinking about at the moment, with absolutely no cohesion or through-line or theme, apart from “stuff I want.” Happy Galentine’s Day!

Evgenia Lingerie Floralia Bed Jacket

Evgenia Floralia Bed Jacket

I’ve wanted this for aaaages, and one day I swear I’ll save up for it. I love lounging in my fancy silk duds, but I also hate the feeling of layers of fabric winding around my legs when I’m in bed under the covers. This is like a silk robe just for your arms and boobs, so, it’s perfect. Although the yoke, with the beautiful white heart lace, is fitted, the blousy sleeves and gathered bust give it a lot of flexibility for a range of bust sizes. And it would look darling with my Betty Blue’s nightgown I wore in the Agent Carter editorial. One day, my pretty.

Bravissimo Full-Bust PJs and new Stella Bra

Bravissimo Lace Cami pajamas Bravissimo Stella Bra

Ever since Bravissimo’s rebranding and their unveiling of a US-only website last year, I’ve been waiting for confirmation of a US-based (allegedly NYC-based) brick and mortar store. I’m curious to see how Bravissimo will fare in the US. The new branding feels simultaneously more “internetty” and a touch dated to me; the super-toned, slim models feel geared towards an ASOS-like e-commerce customer, but at the same time it strikes me as a bit odd that a full-bust focused company hasn’t hitched their wagon to the body-positivity movement and featured a wider range of sizes in their imagery. Across the lingerie product lineup I see more focused color palettes and a move away from pin-up lingerie towards more trendy items like triangle bras, bralettes, and bras strappy elements. While there are tons of new products I’d really like to try, I think my curiosity is piqued most by the cami pajamas and the triangle Stella bra. The PJ top is designed to fit a range of sizes up to 38J (UK), and the triangle bra fits up to a 38H. Both feel relaxed and easy, and might be a nice alternative for times when I don’t want a super aggressive bra or High Drama loungewear.

Dottie’s Delights Golden Era Collection

Dottie's Delights Golden EraExcuse me, this set is adorable. While Dottie’s Delights isn’t strictly a full-bust brand, designer Stephanie often creates custom sizes for clients, and I cannot get over how cute these tap pants are. They’re inspired by classic vintage tap pants (you can see two examples at The Underpinnings Museum here and here), but the use of stretch lace appeals to me, a person with a squishy belly, very much indeed. I’d love to be in a position to commission a custom version of this set one day.

Karolina Laskowska x Harlow & Fox Aurora Collection

Aurora collection by Karolina Laskowska x Harlow & Fox Aurora collection by Karolina Laskowska x Harlow & Fox Aurora collection by Karolina Laskowska x Harlow & Fox

This collaboration feels like a match made in heaven. The full bust customer gets truly luxurious boudoir lingerie AND the pleasure of wearing designs from Karolina Laskowska, who closed her own label last year. I love seeing pieces like corsets, capes, and quarter-cup bras available in this size range, and I love that the lace is a perfect match for other Harlow & Fox collections, so customers can mix and match the new pieces in with some they might already own. I’ve already put together an imaginary outfit for my femme fatale alter-ego using the Viola Jet longline bra, Aurora suspender and ouvert knicker, the lace cape, a super-high-waist pencil skirt, long gloves, and a veiled hat. It’s totes practical for my life as…an IT analyst. Sure.

Harlow & Fox Juliette Collection

Look, I know this is a lot of Harlow & Fox, but I’m actually furious at how gorgeous this all is.

Juliette Gown Harlow & Fox SS18 Juliette robe Harlow & Fox SS18 Juliette Collection Harlow & Fox SS18 Juliette Corset Harlow & Fox SS18

Here’s the thing: there is a Harlow & Fox collection coming out for Autumn/Winter 2018 that is going to be my primary splurge this year. I am already saving for it. It will be mine. I set an intention on my birthday back in September that had nothing to do with personal growth and everything to do with this purchase. I must save money. But the Juliette collection? THIS COLLECTION HURTS MY HEART, I WANT IT ALL SO BADLY. So I’m putting all the pictures in so you can weep with me, but please know for posterity that if I am forced to choose I would like the gown, the bra, the brief, and the corset, please and thank you.

Katherine Hamilton Abbie Collection

Katherine Hamilton Abbie CollectionMy Katherine Hamilton Sophia bra is one of the best-fitting bras I own and I want mooore. This stunning Abbie collection (26-28 D-HH) comes in this gorgeous antique tea rose silk and lace, trimmed with pretty buttons instead of bows. I really want the bra and high-waist brief to wear with my Angela Friedman Antoinette waspie, but I also wouldn’t be angry if one day the amazing statement robe found its way into my life.

A new Enell sports bra


This is a hilariously abrupt left turn away from luxury and back towards real life, but I’d love a new sports bra. I’ve talked about this bra in detail before, and while it’s not perfect, it’s the only sports bra I can wear that doesn’t tear my skin to shreds. I’m running another half marathon in May, and because I am a vain, simple creature, new workout clothes get me excited for training.

Department of Curiosities

Deco Beach Pajamas Stepanova CamiKnickers Tropical Cami-Knickers Tropical Tea Gown

I’ve now had the pleasure of seeing Department of Curiosities’ lingerie and loungewear twice in person, and I’m really just head over heels for them. The textiles are gorgeous, the prints spectacular, and the fit is amazing. While all pieces are made-to-order and so can be adjusted to fit specific body types, the default size seems to be SO tall person-friendly, I am in love. While I’d happily wear any of the pieces, I have a particular longing for the cami-knickers and beach pajamas, you know, for when I’m at my summer palace.


So, obviously, most of these are far, far outside my budget, and also rather outside my lifestyle. As much as I love extravagant silk lingerie, it’s just not practical for someone who lives alone, without a butler to do her tidying, drink fixing, food prep, etc. etc. Still! One can dream, and hopefully 2018 will be kinder to my finances so that I can start to build up some savings again.

What’s on your wishlist this year?

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  1. Logan Spector
    February 19, 2018 at 10:22 am (5 years ago)

    I just want to chime in to be a bit of an enabler… I have one of Evgenia’s bed jackets and it is magical!! I bought it because I was in love with it and I simply couldn’t help myself, but I hadn’t expected to wear it quite SO much! It really is like a lovely robe for just your boobs while reading in bed or what have you. I’ve also been styling it with EVERYTHING I CAN, both in and out of the house.

    But also… looking at everything Department of Curiosities makes physically pains my heart. Ugh so beautiful </3


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