What I’m Reading This Week: Pre-Trade Show Edition

Hi friends! It’s been a weird week around here, capped off by Gus having to have 12 teeth pulled last night, so instead of sharing a full post, I thought I do a quick reading round-up before we head off into the weekend.


The biggest item on my agenda is that next week is lingerie market week here in NYCCurvexpo is the largest lingerie trade show in North America (and one of the only ones left, if I’m not mistaken), and this season’s show will preview the Fall/Winter 2017 collections to press and retailers. I’ll be attending this season, so if you want a look ahead at new brands and new styles from your favorite brands, be sure to follow me on Instagram, where I’ll be sharing tons of preview photos. I’ll also be attending The Lingerie Selection, a trade show for independent luxury brands, so if you’ll ben at any of those events, please say hi!



Ever wanted to see the amount of work that goes into making a bra, especially for larger sizes? Be sure to check in with A Sophisticated Pair’s blog, as one of her readers documents her pattern and processes for making her own KK+ bra.


A'zaira Intimates

A’zaira Intimates

The Lingerie Addict has a couple of pieces I really enjoyed this week:

  • Cora released an updated list of 10 Black-Owned Lingerie Brands, and I was especially excited to discover A’zaira Intimates, a full-bust brand (28-36 DD-H) I’d not seen before but which looks STUNNING. Also of note is BeingU, with five shades of “nude” up to an H cup, and Nubian Skin’s Moroccan Nights collection, their first release featuring fuller bust sizes (up to a G cup).
  • Quinne reviewed the infamous Bracli Pearl Thong and I literally LOL’d. I don’t know if this is true, but these things always look to me like they were designed by and for men, also they sound miserably uncomfortable and not remotely sexy, also the quality sounds atrocious wheeeee




In case you need a refresher:

I believe it was originally intended for Heathcliff to sing about Catherine BUT OH MY LORD. Also Total Eclipse of the Heart was written for this project and at one point Andrew Lloyd Webber was attached and I’m sorry it’s too much I have to go lie down.


Agent Provocateur

Make sure you read Jeanna Kadlec’s awesome piece for Racked: Lingerie Ads Have Always Been Homoerotic. Jeanna’s also got a whole Pinterest board for vintage lingerie ads, and some of them are…wow.


Elisabeth Dale, Cora Harrington, me, and Rose Wednesday, wearing Harlow & Fox, Between the Sheets, and Evgenia Lingerie. Photo (c) Kristen Blush

#FlashbackFriday : Elisabeth Dale, Cora Harrington, me, and Rose Wednesday, wearing Harlow & Fox, Between the Sheets, and Evgenia Lingerie. Photo (c) Kristen Blush


Finally, I have no money because of the aforementioned cat situation, but if anyone would like to hook me up with this

Voodoo by Scantilly, 30-38 DD-HH

Voodoo by Scantilly, 30-38 DD-HH

or this

Harlow & Fox Vivienne Gown and Feather Capelet

Harlow & Fox Vivienne Gown and Feather Capelet

I would be most grateful, thank you for your time.

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  1. Erica of A Sophisticated Pair
    February 24, 2017 at 12:27 pm (6 years ago)

    First, thanks for linking to Jillian’s article! I was so excited to see her resuming the series, and I can’t wait to read her second installment. Second, I can’t get over the Wuthering Heights musical. Like, that sounds like one campy power ballad after another could-be-awesome show. 😀 Oooh, and the A’Zaira Intimates is crazy beautiful. That orange sheer set on their homepage is GORGEOUS! Glad to hear poor little Gus is okay and have fun at Curves!!


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