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I haven’t shared a link roundup in a while, but as we head further into the heat and humidity of August (at least in NYC, y’all this weather is my personal nightmare), I thought it might be fun to share some good stuff to browse while we’re huddled desperately in front of the air conditioner.

First and foremost, I love Holly. She is an amazing writer, stylist, blogger, and person. This piece she wrote for The Breast Life is so personal and so timely. I’ve been seeing a lot of “body positivity” pieces lately that…haven’t really struck home for me, to say the least. I also went on a mild Twitter rant over the weekend about how weird people get (and by people I mean both store associates and the brand reps I correspond with) when I ask for larger sizes. I want to amend that rant to note that while I deal with the occasional weird interactions, dismissal, or just being flat out ignored because of my size (blind item: there is a brand I love who recently introduced DD-G styles, and they share 100s of photos from their thin core-size-wearing customers, and they have shared ONE photo of a DD-G customer, and she is blond, thin, tan, and young with abs of steel SO MUCH SIDE-EYE TO YOU, BRAND), but even though I’m considered big by most standards in terms of height and boobs and dress size, I still have lots of thin privilege as someone on the top edge of misses sizes and small end of plus sizes. Obviously my blog is the greatest blog of all time, but I really really really really really want to read more lingerie blogs from plus size folks, and I want those folks to have the same collaborative opportunities that are offered to our traditional-model-sized counterparts.

Looking for some sneak peeks from your favorite brands of what styles are coming our way in 2017? Be sure to check out some great posts from The Petite Collegiate and Comics Girls Need Bras, both of whom I was fortunate enough to meet (sadly, too briefly) at Curve last week!

Wanna see a review of Playful Promises’ new Curve range for sizes 18-24 (UK) and 38-42 C-G? Alysse wrote a stunning post for The Lingerie Addict covering both a bodysuit and a lingerie set, and she looks soooo fab. Also, if you haven’t seen the lookbook they shot with Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, you’re missing out, but I’m here to help.

Also at The Lingerie Addict, Quinne wrote posts about her favorite pink bras and these amaaazing Embroidered WWII lingerie sets. I had never seen these before in any of my reading and research on the history of lingerie, and I think they’re awesome.

ALSO at the Lingerie Addict, Cora’s most recent editorial, Garden of Glass and Steel. Her faaaace. Her styling skills, y’all.

Speaking of styling skills, you should follow With a Rare Device on Tumblr because the styling (AND SEWING) skills are BEYOND, also we like a lot of the same lingerie so I love seeing how she styles it.

I keep forgetting that podcasts exist (I’m sorry, I know I know), but my friends Walt and Annie just launched one called Crossover Appeal, and the first episode is on Gilmore Girls and Battlestar Galactica, which I feel is relevant to many of our interests.

What have you been reading, blog-wise, book-wise, etc.? Seen any good movies? Ghostbusters was super fun, right? Been on any fun vacations?

Chenonceau y'allOh my god, I forgot to brag, I went to France and super briefly to London! It was great! Here I am at Chenonceau! I bought myself more lingerie than I meant to but whatever! I will be reviewing my purchases and talking about shopping and sights and stuff in future posts! Karolina Laskowska gave me a bee choker and now I feel hip with the kids these days! You can buy one at Bluestockings, which has reopened after summer break! Next time I come to Europe it will be for longer so I can see more of you!

I’m done for real now, please share reading recommendations, Sweets out

2 Comments on What I’m Reading this Week

  1. Erica of A Sophisticated Pair
    August 11, 2016 at 2:10 pm (7 years ago)

    I love your little round-ups! I hadn’t seen that article from Holly but it really is awesome. I’m going to share that on our page for sure!

  2. Rare Device
    August 12, 2016 at 1:25 am (7 years ago)

    Awww, thank you for the shout-out!

    I also have a lot of feelings about Holly’s post and about what you talked about on your twitter. I’m so frustrated by this all-pervasive sense that women a) always have a distorted sense of their own body and b) should take as the ultimate compliment someone telling them they’re smaller than they think they are. Beyond dismantling the fat = bad association we as a culture have, the number one thing I wish we could upend is this expectation that all women are simultaneously unhappy with and unaware of the truth of their bodies.


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