Review: Ewa Michalak Szmaragd Bra and Brief

[Zathiya generously provided this set for review. Ewa Michalak is not affiliated with this post. I was not compensated for my review, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.]

Sweet Nothings reviews Ewa Michalak Szmaragd c/o Zathiya Lingerie. Photo (c) Studio Rezin.

Ewa Michalak is a Polish lingerie brand that’s achieved a huge fan base, particularly amongst their full-bust customers, by offering lingerie and swim styles in one of the largest size ranges of any brand currently on the market (28-60 band sizes and A-M cups sizes). They’re especially known for their narrow underwires and deep cups, which can be harder to find in G+ sizes. I’ve had positive experiences with Ewa Michalak bras in the past (reviews here, here, and here), but I admit that sometimes the prospect of ordering from Poland and having to do a return or exchange is a little daunting. Happily for me as an American, Zathiya, a lingerie boutique based in Texas, stocks Ewa Michalak, which makes the prospect of trying a new style feel much less risky. Plus shipping from another state is faster than overseas, and no worries about your order getting held up at Customs! Win-win. Aisha approached me about trying a set from some of her newer stock, and I was drawn immediately to Szmaragd (“Emerald”), both for the color and for the non-padded lace cups.

Sweet Nothings reviews Ewa Michalak Szmaragd c/o Zathiya Lingerie. Photo (c) Studio Rezin.


Szmaragd is an unusual dark green and black lace and mesh lingerie set, trimmed with plum satin bows. The bra is based on Ewa Michalak’s BM shape, a three-part non-padded cup made of rose-patterned stretch lace backed with black stretch mesh (in the upper panel) and black tulle (in the lower two panels). The band is a double layer of black power mesh that fastens with three rows and four columns of hooks and eyes. The shoulder straps are partially adjustable, with green satin covering the front portion and wide black elastic in the back (theoretically you could probably force the adjuster over the satin part if you needed to shorten the straps further, but it would require some effort).

The brief is a classic Ewa Michalak shape, with multiple panels creating a V-shape in front and a sheer black mesh back. The waistband is black stretch lace for a smooth look, and the legline is elasticated for a close fit. The briefs have a moderate rise, slightly higher than a classic bikini brief, but not so much coverage as a high-waist brief.

I adore the colors in this set. Green is an unusual choice for lingerie (particularly in full-bust land), and this dark emerald really hits a sweet spot for me. The set feels as “functional” as a plain black set, in that I can wear it under darker colors with no show-through, but it’s much more striking and dramatic. I feel very mysterious and regal in this color!

Sweet Nothings reviews Ewa Michalak Szmaragd c/o Zathiya Lingerie. Photo (c) Studio Rezin.


Ewa Michalak bras can vary in fit from style to style, and my size has changed a bit since I last tried the brand, so I wasn’t totally sure which size to try. I currently wear a 32GG (UK) most frequently (although over the last few weeks some of my 32Hs have been fitting again, sigh, pick a size please, boobs), and I asked Aisha of Zathiya if it would be possible to try a 32GG and a 34G, as sometimes Ewa Michalak bands come up a little firmer than some other UK brands. I worried that perhaps I should also have tried a larger cup size, and when the bras arrived my heart sank, since the cups looked a little small on first glance. I tried the 32GG first and never even tried the 34G, since the 32GG felt fantastic!

Like many full-bust bras the band felt quite firm at first, but it loosened gradually over the first few wears. If you’re between band sizes you might still want to try your larger size, especially since there are four columns of hooks instead of the usual three, so you don’t have to worry about the band getting too big too quickly. I always forget how rare it is to find underwires that suit my shape, and how nearly impossible it is to find a bra offers enough projection. Szmaragd fits like it was made specifically for my body. Usually I have to adjust my bras throughout the day, especially “scooping and swooping” my breast tissue into the cups, but once I put on Szmaragd I completely forget about it. The wires are narrow and close-set, the cups are deep, and the stretch lace in the top of the cup is firm enough for support and shape yet flexible enough to accommodate size fluctuation. This has quickly become one of my go-to bras.

I took the briefs in size 42/L and got a pretty much perfect fit. The rise is high enough to stay up over my tummy, but the smooth lace waistband keeps the brief from digging into my softer bits and creating a line under clothes.

Sweet Nothings reviews Ewa Michalak Szmaragd c/o Zathiya Lingerie. Photo (c) Studio Rezin.


As with the other BM style I’ve tried from Ewa Michalak, I noticed a little roughness in the seams on the band, but a few wears and a wash helped the materials to soften so that the band feels much smoother. As I mentioned above, the cups are PERFECT for me, keeping me lifted, contained, and supported throughout a long day’s wear with little to no adjustment. The band can occasionally dig if I’m having a puffy or inactive day, but in general it lies nice and smooth against my ribs with no rolling or digging. I can’t speak highly enough of the briefs: this is one of my favorite cuts of underwear, and I find them extremely comfortable to wear. The rise is great, they don’t wiggle or shift around on my body, and there’s no digging or bunching.

I will note that, again as with the other Ewa bras I’ve tried, sometimes that gloriously projected shape is a little, um, too projected for my liking. There are days when I want a less pronounced look, depending on my mood or my outfit, and I’ll usually opt for one of my bras that creates a more relaxed silhouette, like Claudette Fishnet or Paramour. But on days when I want a little wow factor, Szmaragd can’t be beat: I get a ton of lift, a little cleavage (despite the coverage), and a pleasingly rounded shape.

Sweet Nothings reviews Ewa Michalak Szmaragd c/o Zathiya Lingerie. Photo (c) Studio Rezin.


Having now tried four different Ewa styles, I gotta say the bras are worth the hype. Offering shapes and a size range unmatched by most other brands, as well as some especially daring designs like fully sheer sets and dramatic strapping, this brand is a real stand-out. I don’t usually include Ewa Michalak in my roundups of “where to buy full-bust bras if you’re new to them”, because I do think, for someone who’s a US-based bra newbie, ordering from Poland, navigating the made-to-order process, dealing with currency conversion and possible customs holds, and familiarizing yourself with the different shapes is a higher degree of difficulty than saying “oh, just order a bunch of things from Nordstrom and return the ones you don’t like”. It’s also worth noting that while the narrow underwires + super projection formula is fantastic for me, there are lots of full-bust women for whom this shape isn’t a great match.

That’s why I just love that Zathiya stocks Ewa Michalak. Aisha, owner of Zathiya, offers fantastic fit advice, reliable shipping, and a great selection of international brands that can be hard to find in the US. Shopping with her takes away a lot of the risk and anxiety of international shopping, making these fantastic bras much easier to purchase. She’s also recently launched a great rewards program! I’ve had nothing but fantastic interactions with her and her store, and I recommend her highly, especially if you’re a fan of brands like Comexim and Ewa Michalak,

What do you think of the Szmaragd collection? Are you a lover of Polish lingerie?

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Bra and Brief: Szmaragd by Ewa Michalak ($56/18), c/o Zathiya Lingerie. Bra available in sizes 28-40 DD-K (available cup sizes will vary by band size), brief in sizes XS-XL (36-46).

Photos: Studio Rezin

11 Comments on Review: Ewa Michalak Szmaragd Bra and Brief

  1. Alicia
    April 22, 2016 at 11:55 am (7 years ago)

    I’ve been pondering the BM style, as the SM I tried was so lovely – & so uncomfy on me, with the rigid upper cup & wires just a bit too high. The wires here look a good bit lower, & the scoop away from the armpit looks very comfort-friendly! How do you find the band tightness compared to the sheer SM styles, or the S?

    Also, I am heartened by the forest (i.e., non-yellowy) green. My coloring is very similar to yours, so your reviews are really helpful for that as well. I can tell at a glance if a color will work me.

    • Sweets
      April 22, 2016 at 2:04 pm (7 years ago)

      I think you’ll like the BM style from an underwire and top cup point of view– I think I prefer this cut for those reasons too. Sadly I can’t give an exact comparison between the bands, since my other EM styles are both older and different sizes. I thiiink this one comes up a bit firmer, but since it is in fact a smaller size than my other EMs, I can’t say for sure. I’m so glad the reviews are helpful! If you decide to try Szmaragd, I hope you enjoy it!

  2. Ivet
    April 22, 2016 at 12:20 pm (7 years ago)

    Love this review – I actually own this set and can attest to it’s beauty and comfort. I am similar size to you at 34G in Ewa Michalak for bras and 42 briefs and this set is one of the most comfortable ones I have come across so far. There aren’t many companies that treat the undies in such a way as Ewa Michalak – not an afterthought but an equal partner to the bra in design, fit and comfort. I find the BM style quite “relaxed” (i.e. less projected) compared to the padded S, CHP or PL styles. This is the style I reach for when I want to have a less pronounced fit in clothes that may be less bust-forgiving. Zathiya is a fantastic resource for American customers – for Canadians, there is Jaimie at Bra Obsessed. Jaimie also has access to a number of limited edditions bras made by Ewa Michalak and can order unreleased styles, so if you prefer S style but the bra is released in PL style, for example, she can order it. Or if your size is not available, she may be able to have them custom make it for you. The manufacturer will charge extra fee for that, but it is about USD10 extra, so still well worth it.

    • Sweets
      April 22, 2016 at 3:12 pm (7 years ago)

      Ohhh, thanks for sharing that excellent resource for Canadians!

  3. astrid
    April 24, 2016 at 1:43 pm (7 years ago)

    This colour suits you so well it’s ridiculous. The BMs are great!

    • Sweets
      May 5, 2016 at 9:24 am (7 years ago)

      Thanks so much, Astrid! And yeah, the BM cuts are kind of amazing– I definitely want to try more.

  4. Pearls and Panties
    April 24, 2016 at 5:21 pm (7 years ago)

    I am very nicely surprised you loved the comfort of this set so much. The thing is I am a little worried about the comfort of the polish lingerie brands from what I’ve heard so far. Also – how long does those beautiful things last? 🙂

    I surely will try some Ewa Michalak piece in the future and – as a girl with the same size as you – I think this could be the one. 🙂

    You look very beautiful in a green colour btw. I also love the background in those photos! <3


    • Sweets
      May 5, 2016 at 9:23 am (7 years ago)

      Hi! Thanks so much for your comment, and I’m sorry for the delayed response. In my experience some Polish bras require a little breaking-in period (the bands can be quite firm), but they last a long time and give great support. I hope that helps!

  5. Kathryn
    August 15, 2016 at 4:12 pm (7 years ago)

    I bought the bm style from zathiya after finding this review because I am very narrow and close set and they fit great! Are there any other places that sell ewa michalak bras besides zathiya? They don’t have tons of bras in my size. Or do you have any recommendations for narrow wire/close set bras?

    • Sweets
      August 15, 2016 at 9:47 pm (7 years ago)

      Hi Kathryn! I’m so pleased this review was helpful and you like the Szmaragd bra! Zathiya is one of the main e-retailers I know of in the US stocking Ewa Michalak, but if you don’t see your size, you can always drop her a note and ask about ordering your size. I believe Secrets from Your Sister stocks Ewa if you happen to live near Toronto, and if you want a similarly narrow, projected shape, you can try Comexim, available at Breakout Bras and A Sophisticated Pair. Happy shopping!

      • Kathryn
        August 16, 2016 at 2:19 am (7 years ago)

        Thank you! I have never had a bra that fits as great as this one! I really appreciate the help! 🙂


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