Sweet Nothing Du Jour 12/10/2015: Steven Rosen Photography + Special Offer!

Yay! All the lady detectives are live! Oh man this project spoke to the very heart of my nerdy soul. I’ve been working on it since January of this year, and even though I was “keeping it under wraps” I still told anyone who asked what the theme was, because I was so stoked about it. I was excited to feature all-indie designers, I was excited about my custom corset, and I was excited to re-watch my favorite TV shows “for research”. I knew I wanted to work with a photographer who had a specific aesthetic; a knack for storytelling and for evoking different time periods would be a bonus. I was browsing Facebook one day when a photo of a friend of mine, taken at a costume ball, floated across my feed. She was transformed: she looked like a Victorian queen, in a portrait full of dramatic light and shadows. I immediately clicked on the photographer credit.

Steven Rosen is a New York-based photographer with a portfolio that’s pretty stunning in its breadth. His photos from weddings and events perfectly capture beautiful, intimate, and joyful moments, but what really made me pitch the lady detectives project to him were his amazing portraits, especially his Vintage and Fantasy portfolios. Steven’s background as an artist is clearly evident in his magnificent sense of light and color, and shooting with him is a pleasure: he gives helpful directions (which, as a non-model, SO APPRECIATED), he’s collaborative in the storytelling process, and his instincts are razor-sharp. As an example, we never originally planned to shoot any of Irene Adler’s pictures on the staircase at Pendleton House, but as I was going upstairs to change out of my pink corset he suddenly called out “stop, stay right where you are”, and the results are perfect: the portraits are suffused with a dramatic golden light that looks straight out of a Vermeer.

Sweet Nothings Holiday 2015: Women of Mystery- Irene Adler. Photo: Steven Rosen Photography

I’m delighted to announce that Steven is generously offering Sweet Nothings’ readers special discounts on portrait sessions from Steven Rosen Photography! These can be for you or for a loved one:

  • Mention Sweet Nothings and get 10% off one session.
  • Book two sessions, get 20% off.
  • And if you really want to play Santa this year, get three or more sessions, and get 25% off.
  • Buy now! This special promotion ends on Dec. 21st, 2015. Sessions must take place before Dec. 31st, 2016
  • Sessions take place in NYC, and they can take place in Steven’s studio, in your home, or in and around the city.
  • This offer is good for headshots, solo portraits, couples sessions, or family sessions.
Some of his lovely portraits are below, and you can visit stevenrosenphotography.com to see more of his great work.

To learn more, email steven@stevenrosenphotography.com or call Steven at 718-625-7076. You can check out even more of his work on Instagram

(c) Steven Rosen Photography (c) Steven Rosen Photography (c) Steven Rosen Photography IMG_9780-2-Edit IMG_8915-Edit (c) Steven Rosen Photography (c) Steven Rosen Photography

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