Review: Tutti Rouge Liliana Bra and Short

Sweet Nothings reviews Tutti Rouge Liliana Magenta/Scarlet. Photo: Lydia Hudgens

[Disclosure: Tutti Rouge generously provided this set for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

I’m excited (and honored, because Tutti Rouge approached me with the suggestion) to kick off a little mini-series of reviews taking a look at several different styles and shapes from Tutti Rouge’s Fall/Winter 2015 collections. It’s been really fun for me to get to know the brand’s full line better, and if you’ve been wanting to try Tutti Rouge but weren’t sure where to start, hopefully these posts will give you some helpful advice about how the different styles fit. I’m starting today with Liliana, with a second style to come on Friday, and then two more styles will follow in December.

Sweet Nothings reviews Tutti Rouge Liliana Magenta/Scarlet. Photo: Lydia Hudgens

Liliana has been a Tutti Rouge stalwart since their first season. In 2013 the brand burst onto the full bust scene with an infectiously cheerful aesthetic and an impressive size range, and as they’ve adjusted fit and expanded their sizes, Liliana has been with them every step of the way. Liliana is currently available in the widest size range Tutti Rouge offers, up to a J-cup in 28-38 bands and up to an F-cup in 40-44 bands. I had the chance to review the very first version of Liliana, and while there were aspects of the bra I really liked, there was definitely some room for fit improvements. Now that Tutti Rouge has a few more seasons under their belt, I was excited to see how the new-and-improved Liliana worked for me.


Sweet Nothings reviews Tutti Rouge Liliana Magenta/Scarlet. Photo: Lydia Hudgens

Liliana is a sort of a cross between a plunge bra and a balconette: the center gore isn’t super low, but it does come up a little lower than a demi or full cup bra would. The three-part cups feature an all-over stretch lace in a pretty “Magenta” color (it feels more like a dark lilac to me), with light padding in the bottom two sections and stretch lace in the top section; in GG+ sizes the top section is backed with a layer of tulle for stability and added support. The fully adjustable straps feature Tutti’s signature heart-shaped adjusters, and the band (in my size, at least) fastens with three rows and three columns of hooks and eyes. Small contrasting scarlet bows trim the center gore and the waistband of the matching shorts, and narrow scarlet ribbon is threaded through the top section of the bra cups and along the legline of the shorts. The shorts feature the same all-over stretch lace, the better to avoid digging or visible panty lines under clothes.


I requested my current most-commonly-worn UK sizes, 32GG and 14/L. The first generation of Liliana ran quite small and shallow in the cup, and my review sample also ran a little snug in the band, so I was curious to see how the newer model would fit. The comparison might be more useful if I still wore the same size (at the time of my first review, I usually wore 34H but sized up to 34J in Liliana), but in my opinion the current generation of Liliana is now much more true to size compared to the other mid-market UK full-bust brands. The band fastens firmly on the loosest set of hooks, the center gore tacks supportively against my sternum, and all my breast tissue is contained within the cups.

Sweet Nothings reviews Tutti Rouge Liliana Magenta/Scarlet. Photo: Lydia Hudgens

Liliana IS a shallow bra, it must be said, and if you have a lot of projection, or if you’re very full on the top of your breasts, you may want to size up in the cups, or seek out a different Tutti style like Nichole or Betty. I can’t quite settle into the bottom of the bra, and by the end of the day I sometimes get just a little spillage on my fuller side (I, like many people, am slightly asymmetrical). The shape is noticeably different than Freya’s plunge balcony bras (which some find “pointy”), or Cleo’s/Panache’s super-rounded shapes, or the super-lifted-and-projected shape you get from some of the Polish brands. I actually kind of like this—sometimes it’s nice to have support without tons of projection. Depends on the outfit, you know? Instead of smooshed-together cleavage I feel like I get the kind of Marie-Antoinette cleavage that’s sort of gently rounded (I’m describing this so badly, but roll with me). I like wearing Liliana under button-down shirts, because it seems to reduce the risk of pulling and gaping (I’m talking here about your regular, run-of-the-mill button down shirts, not ones designed specifically for fuller busts).

I’ve had the chance to try a few different Tutti Rouge styles from this season, and as far as the knickers go, the Liliana shorts definitely offer the most flexible fit. The stretch lace is very soft and forgiving, and I got a comfortable fit in size 14/L, which is in line with my sizes in other UK brands. Shorts have a tendency to wiggle around on me a little (I have kind of a flat rear), in a way that briefs do not, but mostly these fit A-okay, with a nice moderate rise. If you’re between sizes I’d say size down in the shorts.

Sweet Nothings reviews Tutti Rouge Liliana Magenta/Scarlet. Photo: Lydia Hudgens


Before I even talk about the bra: hallelujah, the shorts have a fully lined gusset that is stitched in place! This is sooooooooooo much more comfortable than the first generation’s small, partial lining that was only tacked in place and thus had a tendency to get all bunched up in your business. Rejoice with me! The shorts are now both more polished looking and much more fun to wear.

Ahem, now to the bra: Tutti Rouge’s bras do not, in my experience, tack lightly. Their underwires (again, in my experience as someone wearing GG+ sizes) are very rigid, and the center gore can press VERY firmly against your sternum, sometimes painfully. I first noticed this with Nichole, and while Liliana is less aggressive than Nichole, this is still something to watch out for if you’ve had trouble with painful gores in the past. I think Liliana’s wires might be a touch shorter than Nichole’s, but honestly I can’t say if this is a result of the style being different or whether it’s a difference in cup size (30HH vs. 32GG). Bras! So tricksy! I do find the straps a little wider-spaced than some other balconette bras, and the band requires a little breaking in, as it’s very firm on the first wear.

Sweet Nothings reviews Tutti Rouge Liliana Magenta 3


I’m impressed with the fit changes Tutti Rouge has made since their first season, as well as some aesthetic enhancements. While I loved the sugary sweetness of the first collection, the current Fall/Winter collection offers, to me, more sophisticated playfulness with color, greater attention to detail, and some improved fabrics and construction that make each set really stand out. The color clash of the scarlet and magenta feels fresh and modern and helps to keep the lace and threaded-ribbon detail from feeling too cutesy. I’ll be interested to see if the brand continues to adapt their current styles or works to develop new ones. I’ve heard that the D-G versions of each bra tend to find more universal success, while the GG+ versions can introduce some fit difficulties (wide/rigid wires, painful gores, etc.). This is kind of par for the course in the full-bust industry, and it’s a really tough situation all around: one GG+ customer desperately wants super-rigid wires for maximum stability and support, while another desperately wants softer, gentler bras because she finds rigid wires too painful. What’s a brand to do? I do find it really interesting that Nichole and Liliana fit so differently: one is lightweight with very deep cups, while the other is padded and would suit a shallower profile. Offering two such different styles is really smart, as it means that people with varying body types have the chance to find a Tutti Rouge style that works well for them. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on three other styles as we head into the end of the year! I’d also be really interested to hear what others’ experiences have been like with Tutti Rouge’s more recent collections: which style is your favorite?

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Bra and Short: Liliana by Tutti Rouge in Magenta/Scarlet, 38-38 D-J, 40-44 D-F, XS-XXL. Tutti Rouge is a UK brand, so the cup size progression goes D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, J.

Shoes: T.U.K. Shoes

Photos: Lydia Hudgens 

6 Comments on Review: Tutti Rouge Liliana Bra and Short

  1. Argie
    November 18, 2015 at 7:23 am (6 years ago)

    Beautiful photo shoot! Your very detailed review is helpful as I consider new brands and styles.

    I am curious about your comment about tacking hard. I thought that was a function of cup size being too large, but you indicate it might be a function of wires as well. Can you do a post on that or provide links? I am having that issue with my Fantasie bras but I have one boob that is shrinking and I figured that was the cause.

    • Sweets
      November 18, 2015 at 10:24 am (6 years ago)

      Hi Argie, great question! I probably won’t do an entire post on it, and I’m not sure what you mean by “provide links”, but I can tell you a little more about my experiences. You’re absolutely right: sometimes if the center gore is tacking so firmly that it feels painful, it can be an indication that the cup size is too large or too deep (in these instances, there isn’t enough breast tissue filling out the cups and helping to relieve pressure against the sternum), the band is too small (and therefore squeezing the wires against the ribcage) or a combination of both of those things. Sometimes, however, it’s more an effect of wire rigidity/strength, wire shape, and breast shape just not being compatible. With the TR bras I’ve tried that have had super-tacking gores, the wires have been long, extremely rigid, and they feel like they’re angled in the bra in such a way that gore really pushes actively into the sternum, rather than sitting perfectly vertical. For some people, this won’t be a problem, but for others, depending on their bone structure, it could be a deal breaker. Since Liliana’s cups aren’t too big/deep for me (in fact they’re shallow on me), the tacking issue is more likely attributable to wire shape/strength. Does that help at all? Let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. Amanda
    November 18, 2015 at 10:24 am (6 years ago)

    I’m so happy to see you’ll be discussing Tutti Rouge! I love the brand, what they represent to the full-busted community, and am continually impressed with their regard to their customers.

    I have FoT to even fullness, and generally need very narrow wires (Ewa Michalak and Comexim are my best fit), but have had great experiences with TR bras lately. I have tried their recent versions of Betty, Liliana, and Nichole. I wear the same band all around, but need a cup smaller (34G vs. 34GG) in Nichole.

    I definitely have the best fit in Nichole – no surprise there with the incredible projection it provides – but still have a good fit in Liliana and Betty. Likewise, I have the same issue with the wires at the gore; however, the pain is mitigated completely by bending out the wires a bit. Also, Liliana does cut in at the top a little on my larger side. I’ve tried earlier versions of both Liliana and Betty and can say without doubt the fit has been improved greatly with both. I couldn’t wear Betty at all previously (complete shape incompatibility), and Liliana was very uncomfortable.

    These issues aside with their newer models, I still love the brand and the fit. Likewise, I enjoy each bra providing a different shape as some clothes fit and look better with different bust shapes. I am especially enamored with this colorway of Liliana, and looooove your pairing of red shoes with the bra! I am hopeful you’ll have a review of the Jessica and Fifi, as those are ones I haven’t tried yet! ;D

    • Sweets
      November 18, 2015 at 10:28 am (6 years ago)

      I totally agree– I think it’s so, so great that they offer several different shapes: I absolutely wear different bras on different occasions with different outfits. I loved reading your feedback on your experiences with TR– I definitely agree with your assessments– the fit improvements have been great! I looooove Betty (slight spoiler for Friday’s post), and Jessica and Fifi will be reviewed towards the end of December!

  3. Alicia
    November 19, 2015 at 12:00 pm (6 years ago)

    I love how in-depth your reviews are. Also how great your photos are. I can tell that you are definitely not in your northern facing bedroom on the edge of the woods in Alaska, using your mediocre camera phone, in the 3pm semi-darkness. What? 🙂

    I found much of this to be true for me as well. Really glad I gave the Liliana another try because the fit much better now. I actually fins the gore to be a perfect tack for me, & I strongly prefer a soft tack. I do however, bend the wires slightly outward under the arms to conform to m ribcafe. They are not hard to bend, like say Panache. I didn’t realize that smaller sizes have stretch lace; mine are all GG and have the tulle, which has no stretch, but just enough ‘give’ to make it work surprisingly well for my full-on-top shape. It has a really unique seam structure that gives that compact shape, without flattening minimizer-style. The wires are decidedly lower than my other Tuttis. It’s only list of comfy -enough- bras.

    On the Nichole, I’m with you. That thing has a deathgrip tack & tall stabby wires. The only Tutti thats was just a complete fail for me. I hope they rethink & redesign because it’s gorgeous & gives the Cleo orbs, very FOT friendly. Looking forward to the rest of your series!

    • Sweets
      November 19, 2015 at 2:11 pm (6 years ago)

      Thanks so much, Alicia, and thanks for sharing your experiences with Tutti! I’m really enjoying hearing what everyone thinks about the new season styles and the new fit– really helpful to me when it comes time to make recommendations!


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