Fall 2015 Full-Bust Lingerie Wishlist

This week has been a whirl of lingerie activity as brands, buyers, and press arrive in New York City for the seasonal trade shows. I always get into a weird sort of lingerie-time-zone confusion: it’s hot outside (so very hot), Fall/Winter styles are starting to arrive in stores, I’m looking at Spring/Summer 2016, which won’t arrive in stores for another six months, and designers themselves are busy finalizing their Fall/Winter 2016 styles! You start to lose track of where you are in time and space. While I’m collecting my thoughts on the Spring/Summer ’16 trends, I thought it would be fun to revisit the Fall/Winter ’15 styles I saw back in February, which are starting to ship to stores now and will continue to arrive through November. These aren’t necessarily “best of” or arranged thematically or anything, they’re just the pieces from this season that I’d most want to wear myself. Enjoy!

Freya Minx

Freya Minx in Tobasco

Freya Minx in Tabsco (September)

I have never once bought a piece of animal print lingerie for myself. This set will change that.

Freya Vixen

Freya Vixen

Freya Vixen (September)

Yesss to sheer + metallic + non-floral embroidery. This is great, and I also love the bodysuit.

Fantasie Allegra

Fantasie Allegra in Electric Blue

Fantasie Allegra in Electric Blue (September)

The Number 1 dominant trend from the Fall/Winter ’15 markets, more than almost any other story, was blue and blue/black colorways. They are EVERYWHERE, and I think this one is fab. I’m concerned that the styles I want all seem to be dropping in the same month. My poor budget.

Elomi Anushka

Elomi Anushka Plunge Bra and Brief

Elomi Anushka Plunge Bra and Brief (October)

I’m biased because they let me wear the babydoll on the runway, but I also think the plunge bra up to an HH-cup is gorgeous.

Tutti Rouge Fifi

Tutti Rouge Fifi

Tutti Rouge Fifi

Red sheer lingerie 4-eva!

Panache Olivia

Panache Olivia in Teal

Panache Olivia in Teal (August)

I’ve now bought this twice for myself (it was the first bra I re-bought after my most recent size change), and I will most likely buy this colorway too. It is so. freaking. comfy.

Panache Georgia

Panache Georgia

Panache Georgia (September)

In the sea of blue and black this season, this unusual dusty pink/charcoal gray colorway really stands out to me. This is a new style for Panache, and I’ll be really interested to see what people think of the fit!

Panache Black Esme

Panache Black Esme

Panache Black Esme (October)

Y’all, I’m still waiting for Panache Black to wow me, design-wise. The materials and quality and fit are all there, but the lookbooks are so DRAB and DULL and the designs … cold and aloof, to me. With the shuttering of Fauve and the end of Masquerade, it’s still not always clear where to go if you’re looking for slightly higher end, more opulent full-bust lingerie that isn’t yet in the super-luxury category. That said, this is the first set from the new brand that feels, to me, like it has a point of view, and I really like the classic beige/black color scheme. That you can’t really see, because the lookbook image is in black and white with heavy shadow. Come on, folks.

Cleo Hettie

Cleo by Panache Hettie

Cleo by Panache Hettie (September)

A few years ago I would have said I wanted every single design Cleo makes; now that my tastes are changing, I’m a little pickier, but I really like the look of this cute new blue-and-black style.

Sculptresse Kitty

Sculptresse Kitty

Sculptresse Kitty (September)

Stars! I really like stars on my lingerie, is what I’ve learned recently. I also really like red lingerie, so if I were in the Sculptresse size range, I’d be all over this. This is one of two styles that will be available in 34 bands this year, so if you’ve wanted to try Sculptresse before but were sized out, tell your favorite retailer you want to try this one!

Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate Bardot Babydoll, Bra, and Suspender Short

Curvy Kate Bardot Babydoll, Bra, and Suspender Short

Bardot is a standout in the full-bust market because it’s a sheer full-bust bra that’s sheer across the full size range; there’s no additional lining in certain sizes that alters the look of the bra. This classic red and black color scheme looks classic, festive, and elegant.

Scantilly Peek A Boo

Scantilly Peek-a-Boo

Scantilly Peek-a-Boo (October)


Mimi Holliday Narcissus

Mimi Holliday Narcissus

Mimi Holliday Narcissus (October)


Harlow & Fox Augusta Teal

Harlow and Fox Augusta Teal

Harlow and Fox Augusta Teal

HELLO, BELOVED. No but seriously, I could stare at this for hours. It is a flawless, perfect marriage of design, color, materials, and style.

Parfait Destiny

Parfait by Affinitas Destiny Contour Bra. Image via Invest in Your Chest

Parfait by Affinitas Destiny Contour Bra. Image via Invest in Your Chest

The super popular Charlotte frame gets its first major design shakeup with the addition of lace in a solid color, rather than the signature black stripes. I love the rich wine color and the ribbon corset-style lacing on the center gore.

Claudette Fishnet

Claudette Fishnet Elsa Pink and Rouge Noir

Claudette Fishnet in Elsa Pink and Rouge Noir

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. I’ve long loved the Fishnet collection, and this deep, rich red is speaking my language.

Maraki Intimates

Maraki Intimates Double Paramount Longline Bra and Paramount Suspender Hi Risers

Maraki Intimates Double Paramount Longline Bra and Paramount Suspender Hi Risers

I keep going back and forth, but I THINK this set would be my first pick from Maraki Intimates, possibly with the straps swapped out for pink, although I like the teal too. I like all of it. It’s almost fortunate that their international shipping isn’t up and running yet, because my credit card would have been in big trouble this month.

What do you think of my picks? Any of these on your wishlists?

8 Comments on Fall 2015 Full-Bust Lingerie Wishlist

  1. Meg
    August 3, 2015 at 8:33 am (8 years ago)

    Oooh! Loving the gorgeous teals and reds. I get so excited finding lingerie that’s not in the standard black, white or nude!

  2. Madi
    August 3, 2015 at 12:16 pm (8 years ago)

    OH MY GOD! That Mimi Holliday Narcissus set is maybe one of the first things I’ve ever seen that I would be completely fine dropping an entire paycheck on. THE KITTIES!!!!!

  3. DDtop
    August 3, 2015 at 1:07 pm (8 years ago)

    The Elomi Anushka looks absolutely divine even shop spoke to said wow a stunner so on the shopping list!

  4. Rachelle
    August 6, 2015 at 12:02 am (8 years ago)

    Can’t wait to see your picks for spring!

  5. Ari
    August 7, 2015 at 3:39 pm (8 years ago)

    Great picks – these are beautiful and now I am excited for the fall! Especially love the Freya Minx (rowr!), the Scantilly and the Sculptresse kitty. I really love Claudette too although the dessous I have is too small 🙁 What is the sizing like on the fishnet?

  6. PersephoneUnderground
    August 11, 2015 at 4:59 pm (8 years ago)

    On the one with the black-and-white lookbook image- I noticed that some brands make an annoying mistake in that the only images they have, even in their online store, are of the lookbook, which often shows a single angle only and might have the model in a pose that makes it hard to really see the item clearly. Drives me crazy! I like the pretty pictures, but I also have to see what I’m buying clearly before I buy it, thank yew! Really wish every brand would have those images and alternate plain ones from several angles available on the pages where you are shopping at least. And showing a black-and-beige item such that it appears all black is going to get people who order it online upset when they get something different. Sorry for the rant, just *sigh*. I’ve been running into this problem quite a bit lately.

  7. Emily
    August 16, 2015 at 1:31 am (8 years ago)

    I am obsessed with that Maraki set. It’s so much more than I wanted to spend and I’ve already got my heart set on the red roses Tutti Rouge set, but I may have to make room in my budget for two >.<

  8. DDtop
    August 16, 2015 at 6:40 am (8 years ago)

    Hi i’m biased i love Elomi brand as always been so helpful and good to me plus always just seem to work for me as don’t seem to get on so well with Sculptress(pushes hard on breast bone/wires nip)ive Fibro/Raynauds &makes very sore if do.
    Plus being a male that’s got now more breast size/tissue with nipples to match! than most of female friends!
    (Have P tumor v high P etc&messed up hormones so given Tgels which sent haywire loosing weight but there bigger!)so now more than ever need some decent support as Heading F cup way now and down to 42 back!
    but finding help/bra’s isn’t so easy for us But as said found the Elomi/Eveden to work well for me and many on this page miss out us more curvy types be it male or female/TG etc and yes we are all out here plus the human body isn’t getting any smaller!

    But on a big plus note spoke to Leia and they stocking the Anushka in the UK through Leia shops!
    But i think we should make more noise about better sizing for those 38 and over as even some 36’s struggle to find there size but have many Females that are at top end of 38 and into 40 band that are struggling to buy bra’s unless either go with store tat or have to go on line etc.
    As unless your in lower bands there will be only a few in 36+ stocked in say these new ranges as i’m sure many have gone shopping only to be told we don’t have your size now in that range!
    Hear it all the time on likes of Twitter etc plus people i know
    So we need to take charge of the ship and steer it away from the rocks!
    Im on twitter DD+top/DDtopX lets start a revolution! lol


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