Sweet Nothing Du Jour 4/7/2015: Dottie’s Delights Short Sheer Frou Frou Dressing Robes

Dottie's Delights Short Sheer Frou Frou Dressing Robe Black

Y’all know I love a nice fluffy floofy ruffly robe, right? I treasure them. They make my drama-loving heart happy. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them. I frankly will never have too many robes, and when this blog makes me a gazillionaire I will have a separate suite in my palace set aside for the MANY fluffy, sheer, slinky, and silky impractical dressing gowns I will own, and I will sweep around my mirrored halls with a drink in my hand, laughing throatily and trailing tulle and cats in my wake.

Sweet Nothings wears Dottie's Delights Short Sheer Frou Frou Dressing Robe. Photo: Caryn Leigh Photography

My first ever fluffy robe, the ur-robe, the one robe to rule them all, is my black Short Sheer Frou Frou Dressing Robe by Dottie’s Delights, and it is everything a good fluffy robe should be: lightweight, floaty, vintage-inspired yet contemporary, deeply impractical in terms of coverage and warmth (and yet it also matches everything!) and beautifully made. Julia Lambert got it for me for my 29th birthday, and the cats immediately tried to destroy it, but a year and a half later it still looks brand new. I took it to my PJ party/brunch/book club meeting two weeks ago (if you haven’t read Station Eleven yet why haven’t you read Station Eleven yet please read Station Eleven so we can talk about it) and it looked AWESOME on EVERYONE who tried it on. A few friends asked about what colors were available, and I’m happy to tell you:

Short Sheer Frou Frou Dressing Robes by Dottie's Delights

A bevy of fluffy short dressing robes by Dottie’s Delights (via Instagram)


Tamera Von Tart wears Dottie's Delights Hot Pink Dressing Robe. Photo: Ana J.


Acid Doll wears Dottie's Delights Short Sheer Frou Frou Dressing Robe in Candy Pink. Photo: Lady Damona Art

For the last few seasons the robe has been available in Cotton Candy Pink, Soft Ballet Pink, Hot Pink, and Black, and those were lovely and great, but the new SS15 Sleepwalk collection introduces THREE new stunning pastel colors: Sky Blue, Lilac, and Seafoam Green.

Dottie's Delights Sky Blue Short Sheer Frou Frou Dressing Robe

Dottie's Delights Lilac Short Sheer Frou Frou Dressing Robe

Stephanie, the talented creator and designer of Dottie’s Delights, told me a few market seasons ago that she envisioned offering a wide range of pretty pastel colors to capture that sugary-sweet-retro-slumber-party-totally-girly feel, and all I can say is: mission accomplished.

Dottie's Delights Seafoam Green Short Sheer Frou Frou Dressing Robe

I love, though, how the lookbook images for the Sleepwalk collection steer away from the (admittedly super fun!) mid-century pin-up kitsch and instead take you on a journey to a tropical dreamscape (you can see the whole collection over at The Lingerie Addict). Removed from the boudoir and captured on location in Hawaii, the robes feel like a soft mist floating lightly in the air, transparent in the sunlight. Stephanie’s even created a COMPLETELY adorable coordinating sheer babydoll with little puffed sleeves so you can have a full-blown peignoir set. Gorgeous!

Dotties Delights SS15 Babydoll

These dressing robes have become signature pieces for Stephanie, and they make a great “first step” lingerie purchase for people who are interested in buying vintage-inspired or handmade lingerie but who have reservations about fit or cost. At $134 each they’re a more accessible luxury than, say, Jenny Packham or Agent Provocateur, and with just two sizes to choose from (Size 1 is roughly XS-L, and Size 2 is roughly XL-3X and recommended for those with broad shoulders or full busts), there isn’t as much worry about getting precisely the right fit. The beautiful new colors really open these robes up to those who don’t feel like black or pink is really “them” (and that Sky Blue color would make a lovely “something blue” bridal gift!). If you, like me, like a little drama in your lingerie wardrobe every now and then, I can’t recommend a nice floofy robe highly enough.

All dressing robe colors are now available at Dottie’s Delights, and the babydoll will be available soon. Want even MORE drama? Check out the long dressing robe, which will soon be available in the full range of colors!


Sleepwalk images:
Photography: Jane J Gaspar
Model: Bruna Hort
Hair: Ashlee Valeros
Make-up: Mariah Melanie
Wardrobe Styling: Madeline Maciag

Hot Pink:
Model: Tamara Von Tart
Photo: Ana J

Cotton Candy:
Model: Acid Doll
Photo: Lady Damona Art

Model: Carly Russ
Photo: Kimbery Capriotti

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  1. Lee Rivers
    April 7, 2015 at 12:30 pm (8 years ago)

    That may be even fluffier than cats! Perhaps that is why they try to destroy it…


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