Sweet Nothing Du Jour 2/5/2015: Bombshells by SJ Lingerie

Pearl Bodysuit by SJ Lingerie

Pearl Bodysuit from the SJ Lingerie main collections

SJ Lingerie has been popping up all over my Instagram and Facebook feeds over the last year, as their stunning Raw and Vixen collections win fans left, right, and center. This Australian brand’s aesthetic is light and delicate, with a tantalizing mix of traditional elements like delicate lace and sheer overlays combined with modern silhouettes and design elements like cut-outs, straps, and trompe l’oeil effects.

Bombshells Babydoll in Ivory by SJ Lingerie

Bombshells Babydoll in Ivory

While most of these collections are designed for core sizes, SJ Lingerie also offers a gorgeous collection especially for women with fuller figures who wear D+ cup sizes. The Bombshells collection features a babydoll, robe, wire-free bra, knicker and gown, all in ivory and black chiffon, satin, and lace.

Bombshells Ivory Robe and Babydoll by SJ Lingerie

Bombshells Ivory Babydoll with matching Robe

I had the opportunity to try the lovely ivory babydoll recently, and even though it wasn’t a great fit for me, I was SO impressed. Full-bust nightwear can be tricky– it’s hard to get the same level of support and shaping as a full-bust underwire bra, obviously, and then if there’s good support the tradeoff is often a full-coverage, plain, frumpy design.

The Bombshells, collection, on the other hand, features powermesh in the band for gentle support, plus soft, delicate stretch lace. In addition to these concerns for fit and comfort, the pieces are truly well-crafted and elegant: the chiffon skirt is cut on the bias to drape and flow beautifully, and there’s pretty lace detail that continues up the delicate straps to the top of the shoulder. As the pieces are sized for D-E cup sizes, I followed the size chart’s suggestion and sized up, since I wear a larger cup size (UK G-H range). While I still didn’t get a perfect fit in the bust, I can comfortably recommend the Bombshells range for those who wear D-FF cup sizes (depending on band size).

SJ Lingerie Bombshell Palazzo Pants

These palazzo pants are a delight.

I was curious to see how the babydoll would fit on different body types, so I did a little research. I asked two other women to try it out to see what they thought: the first is my mother (hi mom!) and the second is my friend Agent Sidney Bristow, who at the time was 8 months pregnant. This piece looked STUNNING on both of them. Since they wear smaller cup sizes than I do, the soft cups provided much better coverage and support for them, but even more: they both felt and looked gorgeous. The soft skirt is long enough and full enough to accommodate different waistlines (even very pregnant ones), yet it drapes gracefully and doesn’t add bulk.

Bombshells Nightdress by SJ Lingerie

Bombshells Long Nightdress in black

Pieces in the Bombshells collection are available in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL and range in price from $50-135 (AUD). The entire Bombshells collection is currently on sale: be sure to check it out!

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  1. Faustine Li
    February 5, 2015 at 1:01 pm (8 years ago)

    Those pants have one of the better uses of lace I’ve seen. Wow. Also I hope palazzo pants come into style, my experience is that they flatter a wide range of people.


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