Sweet Nothing Du Jour 7/25/14: Hopeless Lingerie Andie Suspender

Hopeless Lingerie has been on my indie lingerie wishlist for years now.  Designed and handmade entirely in Melbourne, Australia by designer Gabrielle Adamidis, each collection features extraordinary pieces that feel both daring and bold as well as organic and natural. I still regret missing out on the amazing Maja harness and matching garters, and I hope one day I’m in a financial position to be able try Hopeless out for myself (as well as many, many other indie designers– the list is incredibly long at this point)!

I’ve been eagerly watching as pieces from this season’s Tenebrae collection make their debut, and my favorite by far is the amazing Andie suspender.

Hopeless Andie Suspender

Hopeless Lingerie “Andie” suspender (sizes XXS-XXL). $160AUS.

With my recent size changes I’ve been revisiting a bunch of lingerie I’d packed away, and I’ve discovered that my personal style has changed a lot in the last two years. I’m less inclined to grab at any and all bright colors or laces or bows, and I am more inclined to seek out pieces with a little more sophistication that are both unusual and versatile. Andie hits a real sweet spot for me: the suspenders and full circle cut of the skirt speak to my girly side, and the sheer athletic mesh and severe black color temper the frilliness with a sexy, dangerous edge.

I think this suspender would be a really good introductory piece for anyone who’s intrigued by darker, more bondage-influenced lingerie items like harnesses, but who might feel intimidated about incorporating them into their wardrobe. I know I’m in that boat: I have such a squishy torso that I worry about whether or not I’ll feel comfortable wearing lots of straps, but I absolutely adore the look. This awesome suspender? I’d wear this in a heartbeat.

The Andie suspender is available from Hopeless Lingerie. All Hopeless Lingerie is made to order in Melbourne, Australia.


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