Holiday Gift Guide: Lingerie Picks for Full Figures

Today we’re back with more gift guides for the upcoming holidays, including some of my favorite festive lingerie for full figures!
Again, as a general rule, “full-figure” in lingerie world refers to lingerie in band sizes 36 or 38 or higher, and loungewear in sizes above a L or XL.  While I’m including some items that cover additional sizes, these are largely my starting points.  (Looking for full-bust (28-38 bands, D+ cups) lingerie?  Check out last week’s Full-Bust Gift Guide).
1.  “Imogen” by Elomi
Let’s just get this out of the way: I’m featuring a LOT of Elomi, and I feel like I should apologize, but I’m not going to: Elomi has had an amazing, amazing couple of seasons.  They’re picking bold, flattering colors, adding new shapes, and even taking some beautiful design risks.  My favorite set of theirs, and possibly one of my favorite lingerie sets of the year, period, is the Imogen.  It is grown-up, sophisticated, elegant, and sexy.  I love that it’s dark without being black, I love that there are two different knicker shapes (a thong and a high-waist brief) and two different bra shapes, and Y’ALL, this waist cincher.  This waist cincher is (I hope) a game changer.  It’s something I’d love to see more in full-bust lingerie, and it thrills me that it shows up in full-figure lingerie first.  Look, we all have different shapes: I may wear the same bra size as someone else, but we might wear very, very different clothing sizes and we might prefer different styles.  A lingerie set that includes a waist cincher essentially allows the wearer to build her own basque, choosing the individual components to fit her bust, waist, and hips separately.  She can wear the waist cincher when she wants to but still have a fantastic bra and knicker to wear on more everyday occasions.  More please!
"Imogen".  Padded Half Cup Bra, $72, 36-46 D-F, 36-44 FF, 36-42 G.  Full Cup Bra, $76, 36-44 E-FF, 34-44 G, 34-42 GG-JJ (UK).  Matching Brief ($34), Thong ($32), M-4XL, Matching Waspie Waist Cincher, $48, M-2XL

“Imogen”. Padded Half Cup Bra, $72, 36-46 D-F, 36-44 FF, 36-42 G. Full Cup Bra, $76, 36-44 E-FF, 34-44 G, 34-42 GG-JJ (UK). Matching Brief ($34), Thong ($32), M-4XL, Matching Waspie Waist Cincher, $48, M-2XL

2.  “Izzy” by Elomi
Izzy is like Imogen’s youngier, brighter, frillier sister, and it feels a little like a full-figure answer to the bright, chipper designs of full-bust brands like Tutti Rouge or Cleo.  Available in a pretty purple “hummingbird” color as both a bra/knicker set and a babydoll, this range is cheerful, pretty, and a bit more whimsical than many of Elomi’s other offerings.  Check out Holly’s review here!

"Izzy" babydoll in Hummingbird. 34 G-H, 36-42 E-H.

“Izzy” babydoll in Hummingbird ($94). 34 G-H, 36-42 E-H. Bra ($64) 34 G-JJ, 36-42 E-JJ, 44 E-G.  Brief ($30), M-4XL.

3.  “Betty” by Elomi 
Betty is one of Elomi’s continuity styles, and while it shares Izzy’s whimsical polka dots, the darker, classic black-with-white-dots color scheme kicks it into sultrier, slinkier territory.

"Betty" Babydoll. 34 G-H, 36-42 E-H.

“Betty” Babydoll by Elomi. $92 Available in sizes 34 G-H, 36-42 E-H.

4.  “Juliette” Corset from Hips and Curves 

While you won’t get the same fit from a ready-to-wear corset that you would from a custom one, Hips & Curves has a really fabulous selection of both steel-boned and lighter fashion corsets in some really lovely colors.  This “Juliette” style features an unusual stripe in a rich cranberry shade.  Gorgeous!  For RTW corsets you generally order a size between 4-6 inches smaller than your waist measurement.

Juliette corset hips and curves

“Juliette” Luxe Steel-Boned Corset ($159.95), available in sizes 28-44 at Hips & Curves

5.  “Isabella” Shelf Bra and Stretch Lace Strappy Bra from Hips and Curves
One of the other things I love about Hips & Curves, besides their corsets, is their fantastic selection of truly sexy quarter, half-cup, and strappy bras.  The Isabella bra is available in two bright, bold, on-trend neon shades, with daringly low-cut cups, while the Stretch Lace Strappy Bra is available in a variety of colors and pairs perfectly with coordinating cage-back panties.  These are definitely more like boudoir pieces than actual supportive bras, but they are adorable and hot!
Isabella Shelf Bra Hips and Curves

“Isabella” Shelf Bra ($39.95), available in sizes 38-42 C-D, 42-44 D-DD. Also available in turquoise.

Hips and Curves Stretch Lace Strappy Bra

Stretch Lace Strappy Bra ($34.95 or 2/$49) by Hips and Curves. Available in sizes 38-44.

6.  “Dina” by Sculptresse

Oh Sculptresse.  What am I going to do with you?  Sculptresse is one of the few brands out there offering G+ cup sizes in 44+ band sizes, yet their first two seasons have felt so, so staid.  They seem a little tentative about offering some of the same variety as Elomi (no waspies or babydolls here), instead sticking to lace molded cups or classic seamed full-cup bras.  I’d LOVE to see Sculptresse borrow some of Panache’s best-loved styles, like Sienna, Jasmine, or even Cleo’s Marcie, and adapt the shapes and colors for their full-figure customer.  Nevertheless, I do like the subdued elegance of this pretty “Dina” set.  Rather than default to oversized embroidery or floral lace, the cups feature a light geometric pattern and subdued, wine-colored lace trim.  It’s elegant and subtly sultry.

Panache sculptresse DIna

“Dina” by Sculptresse (Bra $62, short $34). Available in sizes 36 F-J, 38 E-J, 40 DD-J, 42 D-J, 44-46 D-HH. Brief sizes 14-26 UK (10-22 US)

7.  Retro Shapewear by Rago, with custom dyeing by Girdlebound

Calling all you vintage-loving vixens, you should probably know Rago.  Made in the USA for over 50 years, Rago is THE go-to brand for authentic retro shapewear, from girdles to corselettes to pin-up panties to everything in-between.  Secrets in Lace stocks some of the more colorful options, while retailer Girdlebound offers custom dyeing in a huge range of colors.

Rago open bottom briefer black red

Open-Bottom Body Briefer by Rago ($63), available in sizes 34-40 B-DD. Also in black, white, pink-black, and black-mocha.

Rago panty girdle girdlebound yellow

Rago panty girdle ($39), available in sizes S-4X. Girdlebound offers custom dyeing, as in this lovely yellow example.

8.  Indie Brands

Holly at The Full-Figured Chest is an inspiration to me in terms of taking the plunge into custom work from our favorite independent designers.  I tend to assume that smaller, independent brands will only work well for women with more average or slender figures than mine, and Holly has taught me that this is absolutely not the case!  I spoke with several designers this week, and all of them said they absolutely will produce custom, made-to-measure pieces for their plus-size and full-bust customers (with some restrictions– full-figure D+ bras require a special skill set).  Taking a cue from Holly, here are some lovely holiday-appropriate pieces from my favorite indie brands.

"Cabin Fever" knickers by Ohhh Lulu.

“Cabin Fever” knickers by Ohhh Lulu ($29).

Dottie's Delights custom plus size bra girdle

A stunning custom bridal set by Dottie’s Delights, including a plus size girdle and a size 44C bra. Image via Dottie’s Delights’ Instagram feed

"Gem" high-waist ruffle panties with flounce by Sandmaiden Sleepwear

“Gem” high-waist ruffle panties with flounce by Sandmaiden Sleepwear ($48). THAT COLOR, Y’ALL.

Red Deco Camisole ($200) by Honeycooler Handmade, size XXL.  Many of her pieces are made of vintage silks and materials, like this one-of-a-kind piece.

Red Deco Camisole ($200) by Honeycooler Handmade, size XXL. Many of her pieces are made of vintage silks and materials, like this one-of-a-kind piece.

Christmas reindeer knickers by Knickerocker

Christmas reindeer knickers by Knickerocker ($24)

Angela Friedman custom plus size overbust corset

A beautiful custom corset by Angela Friedman. Corsets start at around $225 for waspie waist cinchers and around $450 for overbust corsets, subject to fabric choices and embellishments.

What do you think?  Have I missed any beautiful pieces that are on your own wishlist?  Let me know in the comments!  There are more gift guides to come, including some great lingerie and boudoir accessories, no sizes required!

10 Comments on Holiday Gift Guide: Lingerie Picks for Full Figures

    • Sweets
      November 25, 2013 at 10:07 am (9 years ago)

      I can’t wait to see what you put in yours!

  1. Holly Jackson
    November 25, 2013 at 11:40 am (9 years ago)

    Thank you for mentioning me! I love indie designers, so I’m so glad I’ve inspired you to include some. I keep hoping that if I continue to write about them and show pictures of me in them they will catch on for lots of full figured and full busted women! I wholeheartedly recommend the honeycooler handmade camis – I have one and it’s just lovely. They’d make a great gift for someone since they’re easy to size and can be customized to your interests/motifs.

    • Sweets
      November 25, 2013 at 3:00 pm (9 years ago)

      I thought specifically of your HCH camisole when I started researching indie brands to include in this post! They’re so beautiful, and this red one was so festive I had to include it. 🙂

  2. Rachelle
    November 25, 2013 at 2:19 pm (9 years ago)

    I have been eyeing Sandmaiden EVERYTHING on etsy for MONTHS. So happy to see you include it in your list. If you know if anyone with a full bust who tries this brand, please let us know.

    • Sweets
      November 25, 2013 at 2:59 pm (9 years ago)

      I definitely will! I really love their stuff, so like you I’ve been following them from afar for a while now. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear from anyone (or get a chance to try myself!).

  3. sophisticatedpair
    November 26, 2013 at 2:44 pm (9 years ago)

    Love love the Imogen set! Freya/Fantasie needs to follow suit with their own version. 😀

    • Sweets
      November 26, 2013 at 9:50 pm (9 years ago)

      I hope they do too! It’s so pretty, and so versatile!


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