Brand Overview: Elomi Lingerie

I’m really happy to be writing this brand overview now (well, abbreviated one).  For one thing, Elomi and I have both expanded our sizes (zing!) so now I can wear the brand, and for another, it’s just getting so danged GOOD.  I feel pretty confident saying that, for the most part, women who wear sizes 30-38 D-G (UK) have some really solid style and shape options across a wide price range, but for women in other “niche” size ranges, there’s still a little bit of market catch-up (check out Erica’s Open Letter to Manufacturers for her analysis of some of the major market gaps).  Right now, Panache’s Sculptresse line feels like Elomi’s primary UK competitor in the full-figure/full-bust market, and Sculptresse … well, I’ll be diplomatic and say that I feel like Sculptresse is still finding her feet.  Elomi, on the other hand, moves from strength to strength.

"Renee" banded bra in black. 34 G-JJ, 36-42 E-JJ, 44 E-G.

“Renee” banded bra in black. 34 G-JJ, 36-42 E-JJ, 44 E-G.

Because the brand and I are new to each other, I’m mostly going to focus on some of my favorite, stand-out shapes and styles that are available now and from the last few seasons, and I’m not going to touch on swimwear (although I will if people would like more info).  If you have a favorite style that I didn’t cover, please do share it!

As a reminder, full-figure, in the lingerie world, generally refers to bras in a 36 band and higher, and full-bust generally refers to bras with cup sizes over a D or a DD.  Elomi bras begin in a 34 band, and most are available through at least a 46 band. Coordinating knickers are available in sizes M-4XL.



I always have to remind myself that Betty is considered a “basic.”  It’s SO FREAKING CUTE.

"Betty" plunge bra in turquoise.  34 G-HH, 36-42 D-HH, 44 D-G, 46 D-DD.  Matching brief M-4XL.

“Betty” plunge bra in turquoise. 34 G-HH, 36-42 D-HH, 44 D-G, 46 D-DD. Matching brief M-4XL.

Betty is both a continuity style and a fashion style for Elomi, and it’s easy to see why.  A four-part plunge bra in a fun polka dot trimmed with rose embroidery, Betty offers a classic shape and a “safe” (yet beloved! (by me)) print.  This season’s turquoise is pretty and playful, and I love the new blush continuity color that’s planned for 2014.   The Betty collection also includes a babydoll in black, which offers full-figure full-bust customers a flirty, sexy lingerie piece that NONE of Eveden’s other brands have managed.  Yet (hint, hint, Freya and Fauve.  Get on it).

"Betty" Babydoll.  34 G-H, 36-42 E-H.

“Betty” babydoll in black. 34 G-H, 36-42 E-H.


"Rita".  Underwire multiway banded bra.  36-46 E-FF, 34-44 G-H, 34-42 HH, 34-40 J-K (UK)

“Rita” underwire multiway banded bra in passion. 36-46 E-FF, 34-44 G-H, 34-42 HH, 34-40 J-K (UK)

Rita is a four-part full-cup bra with a J-hook on the straps so that it can convert to a racer-back.  Available in white and a frankly alarming Honey color (the color is strong and unusual, and coupled with the SHINY SHINY satin it’s, well, it’s a whole lotta look), as well as seasonal fashion colors, Rita isn’t the most daring of bras, but it offers incredible comfort, shape, and support.  The racerback conversion option is awesome, and it’s something I’d love to see on more bras.  It’s fashion-friendly, as it keeps bra straps from peeking out under sleeveless tops, and some women find they feel more lift and support from straps that are closer-set, rather than the wide-set straps of some balconette bras.


“Rita” underwire multiway banded bra in honey. 36-46 E-FF, 34-44 G-H, 34-42 HH, 34-40 J-K (UK)

For being a full-coverage bra, Rita still comes across as sleek and streamlined, with the beautiful scallop detail that many have pointed out echoes Huit’s popular “Cupcake” bra.  I’d love to see this design filter across the other Eveden brands, particularly Freya.


"Caitlyn".  Available in White, Beige, and Black, plus Fashion colors.  Side-support bra, 38-46 DD, 34-46 E-HH, 34-42 J-K (UK).  Soft cup bra, 40-48 B-C, 38-48 D-DD, 36-48 E-G (UK).

“Caitlyn” side support bra in peacock. Available in pearl, beige, and black, plus fashion colors. Side-support bra, 38-46 DD, 34-46 E-HH, 34-42 J-K (UK). Soft cup bra, 40-48 B-C, 38-48 D-DD, 36-48 E-G (UK).

Caitlyn follows the same four-part cup shape as Rita with the same shining fabric, but instead of scallops offers peacock-feather-like embroidery on the top of the cups.  Again, it offers really great support and comfort, but with the prominent horizontal seam across the cups and the fuller coverage, it may not be a go-to fashion style for many.


“Caitlyn” side support bra in silver. Side-support bra, 38-46 DD, 34-46 E-HH, 34-42 J-K (UK). Soft cup bra, 40-48 B-C, 38-48 D-DD, 36-48 E-G (UK).


"Hermione"/"Amelia".  Seamless Spacer Fabric Bra.  36-46 DD-FF, 34-44 G-GG, 34-42 H, 34-40 HH.

“Hermione”/”Amelia” bandless molded bra in ocean. 36-46 DD-FF, 34-44 G-GG, 34-42 H, 34-40 HH.

“Amelia” is a new, re-cut version of “Hermione” (Elomi’s answer to Fantasie’s “Rebecca” seamless spacer-fabric bra).  Spacer fabric, unlike the stiffer foam molded cups of a bra like Freya’s “Deco”, consists of two light layers of fabric with a layer of air between them.  It offers the same smooth, molded, seam-free look, but it’s incredibly light and breathable.  Amelia features a light lace outer sling for shaping, and it goes up to an HH cup in some band sizes.  It’s a wonderful option for women who want the look of a smooth, seamless bra with a more flexible, supportive fit than they find in some other molded options.



"Maria" Basque.  32 DD-HH, 34-40 D-H, 42 D-H, 44 D-G, 46 D-F, 48 D-E.

“Maria” basque in black. 32 DD-HH, 34-40 D-H, 42 D-H, 44 D-G, 46 D-F, 48 D-E. Also available in Ivory.

Maria is Elomi’s brand new special occasion range, and it represents a huge improvement over its continuity occasion range, appropriately called, well, “Occasions”.  The latter is heavily boned and embroidered and looks dated; the former is deliberately old-fashioned in a sophisticated retro way.  The range includes a strapless bra, convertible basque with detachable suspenders, a brief, and a thong, and is available in a beautiful ivory and striking black.

"Maria" Strapless Bra.  34 G-HH, 36-42 DD-HH, 44 DD-G, 46 DD-E, 48 E.

“Maria” strapless bra in ivory. 34 G-HH, 36-42 DD-HH, 44 DD-G, 46 DD-E, 48 E.

This collection is one of the only strapless lingerie options up to an HH cup currently in the market (up to a 40 band only; cup sizes scale back as the band sizes increase, and the last size is 48E).  It’s certainly much lovelier than Elomi’s other strapless range, “Smoothing”, and since I didn’t get a great fit from Smoothing I’m intrigued by Maria.  As it’s brand-new, there aren’t too many fit reports, but Erica at A Sophisticated Pair has found that some customers find the cups shallow at the bottom, without enough structure in the sides of the cup to direct the breast tissue forward.  I’ll be interested to see how Maria does for Elomi, and whether the shape changes at all over time.

"Maria" babydoll.  34 G-H, 36-42 E-H.

“Maria” babydoll in ivory. 34 G-H, 36-42 E-H. Available January 2014.  Image via The Lingerie Lesbian

Spring/Summer 2014 will see this gorgeous ivory babydoll added to the Maria range.  It was one of my favorite pieces I saw at Curve– just lovely.


"Roxy" by Elomi, 34-40 E-HH.  Still a fairly small size run, and the pattern is NOT MY CUP OF TEA.  At all.  I mean, I don't think it's repellant, and I think it's going to appeal to a lot of women who might be sick of frills and flowers, but I had hoped for better.

“Roxy” longline bra. 34-40 E-H.

Oh Roxy.  Roxy, Roxy, Roxy.  After all of my pleas for a non-padded G+ longline bra, you finally arrived, and I loathed your print.  It just wasn’t .. pretty enough?  Sophisticated enough?  Elegant enough?  Kitschy enough? to really hit any of the notes I like in my lingerie drawer.

"Roxy" Bandless Bra and Short.  34 G-JJ, 36-42 E-JJ, 44 E-G.

“Roxy” bandless bra. 34 G-JJ, 36-42 E-JJ, 44 E-G.

That being said, from a construction point of view, Roxy knocks some of her full-bust competitors out of the park.  A super-deep band with boning for support, strong powermesh for shaping, and unlined cups for those of us who loathe padding, the shape and fit make this bra the one I most want to see succeed.

"Megan" Longline Bra.  34-40 E-H.

“Megan” longline bra in navy. 34-40 E-H.  Available March 2014.

“Megan” is the revamp of the style for Spring/Summer 2014, and while the print is better, it still seems a little safe and juvenile to me.  This is a daring shape, Elomi!  Give it a print or lace or colorblocking or SOMETHING that’s worthy of it!


I can’t think of ANYTHING in the full-bust full-figure market that compares to upcoming Imogen.

"Imogen".  Padded Half Cup Bra, 36-46 D-F, 36-44 FF, 36-42 G.  Full Cup Bra, 36-44 E-FF, 34-44 G, 34-42 GG-JJ (UK).  Matching Brief, Thong M-4XL, Matching Waspie Waist Cincher M-2XL

“Imogen” padded half cup bra, thong, and waspie waist cincher in black. Half Cup Bra, 36-46 D-F, 36-44 FF, 36-42 G. Full Cup Bra, 36-44 E-FF, 34-44 G, 34-42 GG-JJ (UK). Matching Brief, Thong M-4XL, Matching Waspie Waist Cincher M-2XL

The black and bronze half-cup and full-cup bras are sexy and gilded-age elegant, but it’s that boned waist-cincher that knocks the whole look out of the park.  It’s the antithesis of the boring, frilly frumpiness that occasionally creeps into the full-figure lingerie market, and I want the whole ensemble desperately.


"Izzy" bandless bra in Hummingbird.  34 G-JJ, 36-42 E-JJ, 44 E-G.

“Izzy” bandless bra in hummingbird. 34 G-JJ, 36-42 E-JJ, 44 E-G.  Available November 2013.

In some ways Izzy feels like Elomi’s answer to Parfait or Tutti Rouge.  The bright, sassy colors, the sheer dotted mesh lace over satin, and the ruffle trim along the sweetheart neckline all remind me of some of the newer brands’ girlier, frillier options.  While I’m glad Elomi also offers more subdued, sophisticated collections, seeing a product like this in the lineup really delights me, because if I’d worn Elomi as a teenager, I’d have been thrilled to bits to have a set like this.

"Izzy" babydoll in Hummingbird.  34 G-H, 36-42 E-H.

“Izzy” babydoll in hummingbird. 34 G-H, 36-42 E-H.  Available November 2013.

A bright purple babydoll feels pretty, young, and flirty, and 2014 will see Izzy return in a dazzling red Lollipop shade with turquoise trim (April 2014).


The styles I covered here are a mere sampling of the styles Elomi has to offer.  While they’re doing a great job of curating a a sizable collection of basic shapes for the full-figure/full-bust market, they’re also pushing some really great fashion options in a huge range of colors, shapes, and styles.  The next year will see basques, waspies, babydolls, and even an answer to Freya’s Deco juggernaut: new range Bijou will come in beige and Pansy (purple), featuring a molded plunge bra up to an H cup.  I’ve been increasingly impressed with the strength of the most recent collections, and I’d love to see even more sizes (particularly larger cups in the larger band sizes) for future seasons.

What do you think of Elomi’s latest styles?  Do you have a favorite?

Holly covered some of her favorite styles from Elomi’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection at The Full-Figured Chest, and Erica covered the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection for A Sophisticated Pair (don’t forget about her amazing special order policy, if any of these collections caught your eye!).

32 Comments on Brand Overview: Elomi Lingerie

  1. Laura
    September 5, 2013 at 8:26 am (10 years ago)

    My main beef with Elomi is that none of the bras are constructed in a way that feels truly sexy. None of the models in any of the pictures have any real cleavage, which seems absurd considering the sizes of the breasts that Elomi’s bras are supposed to carry around. While a lot of the styles are pretty and maybe elegant, nothing really feels sexy to me about their collection. Even their basque and babydolls don’t bring the models’ breasts forward. I have the same complaint about Fantasie bras, honestly. “Oh, you’re fuller-busted? Let’s just separate the boobs, lift them a little bit but not as much as Cleo/Panache, and call it a day.” Maybe it’s just that on bras such as the Rita, I can’t help but focus on so much of the construction because seams are literally all I see. I know Elomi doesn’t really have any competition in this arena, but I feel like they need to raise the bar. Not all women who need Elomi are going to be in their 30s and up. Not all women who are in their 30s and up want bras that make them feel old. I think both print choices for the longline are a complete disaster and they really need to step up their game.

    Wow, I really wasn’t expecting to write that much… whoops!

    • Sweets
      September 5, 2013 at 10:26 am (10 years ago)

      Haha, no worries! Your passion is good for them to hear! I know they’re doing a few more half-cup bras, which are obviously really open and sexy, but admittedly those don’t even really go past a G-cup, so … I’ll be interested to see what happens when Bijou (Elomi’s Deco) comes out next year: will it give Deco’s push-up cleavage? I feel like Elomi are really starting to flex their wings in terms of the styles they offer, and I hope they keep it up, and don’t get nervous and retreat back to some of their more staid prints. While I think some more sedate offerings are important, I’m really digging the bright colors and flirtier shapes– maybe a super va-va-voom bra will be next?

      • Laura
        September 5, 2013 at 3:39 pm (10 years ago)

        I’m hoping they get some cleavage for those poor models. As I find myself creeping out of more and more options due to my boobs not slowing down, I’ve been interested in trying a brand like Elomi. Except, oh wait, none of their bras appeal to my aesthetic. I’m 25, not 55. Eveden wires are significantly better for me than Panache wires, but I gladly suffer through wires digging in so that I have a really beautiful, rounded shape and serious uplift.

    • Samantha W
      September 5, 2013 at 8:28 pm (10 years ago)

      It’s sad to see this comment, because it’s true that Elomi doesn’t really do “sexy” anymore. They used to! I have a Lara padded half-cup and the Ophelia padded plunge, and they both do cleavage – Lara does the “cakes on a plate” sort of cleavage, Ophelia the pushed-together sort of cleavage. Ophelia actually has bump pads on the inside, which I find astonishing in a 34GG. I got them in a clearance sale, as they’ve both been discontinued. It’s sad that when they released something that had a little “oomph” to it, they decided not to keep it going. :c Hopefully the Imogen half-cup is a bit like the Lara (only with less obvious seams, as that does turn some people off) in that respect?

      • Sweets
        September 5, 2013 at 9:29 pm (10 years ago)

        I think Elomi’s getting sexier, but it’s true they don’t really have a push-up/lots-of-cleavage bra in the rotation right now. I know I’m not the norm, though: I really don’t like padded or molded plunge bras, for me personally, so I know I’d feel sexier and more comfortable in one of the current offerings. Do you like the Ophelia? How was the shape? Maybe it’ll come back for A/W 2014!

        • WideCurves
          September 5, 2013 at 10:16 pm (10 years ago)

          I tried the Ophelia. It was gorgeous and sexy….but I just don’t do well in stiff moulded bras. But oh wow, I wanted to keep it. Sigh.

        • Samantha W
          September 5, 2013 at 10:41 pm (10 years ago)

          I’m okay with wearing either a molded bra or an unlined bra, but I find my boobs work better with unlined, so I have more of those! But the Ophelia felt kind of like a unicorn, given how hard it is to find any sort of push-uppy-ness in anything over a D cup, and I felt I needed something seamless.
          I like all of Elomi’s current offerings! I’m rather fond of the brand. Betty and Renee are favorites of mine, since I own Betty in red and I’m just a sucker for florals. I think it’s an elegant sort of sexy, and their bras are – to me, at least – feloniously comfortable. But the Ophelia was just… So different. As a disclaimer, it was a gift from the Boyfriend. (Not that he knew what he was actually getting himself in to.) So, I am inclined to love it probably a tinge more than the bra by itself really warrants.
          I don’t have a lot of examples to compare the roundness to, but I can definitely say my boobs are never rounded or lifted as high as they are in that bra. The cups are set just a *smidge* too wide for my boobs, but I’m waiting for the band to stretch a little before I take in the gore to (hopefully) fix that. I understand the bra being wide-set, as it was probably scaled from a larger band size, since I’m both dangling on the bottom of their band range and close-set.
          Speaking of the band! Sweet booblets, that thing is FIRM. Not particularly tight, since I measure at exactly 34 inches can fasten it on the loosest hooks and it’s comfortable there – but getting it to those hooks is a bit of a challenge, because there isn’t a lot of stretch to the band. I even wore it for a week straight (the SHAME) hoping to speed up the process of wearing it out enough to take in the gore, and there was barely a difference.
          Back to the cups, I’m particularly impressed. I have very soft, rather pendulous boobs and usually I don’t get a lot of lift and molded bras that I’ve tried on buckle at the bottom when I just try them on, but in Ophelia, you wouldn’t believe it. I actually thought for a moment that it came with someone else’s boobs inside! The lining is fairly thin and comfortable, but it doesn’t give easily under the weight of my boobs. Possibly helping that are the bump pads inside, which aren’t removable, and rather… Substantial. The downside to this bra (other than being dark and, thus, visible through thinner shirts) is that when I wear it, I can’t feel ANYTHING that touches my boobs. It’s disorienting to try and move my arms directly forward from my sides and hitting… Boob? No, not boob, I didn’t feel that. OH. The padding, that’s what it was. And it makes accidentally bumping people with my chest even more awkward. … And it doesn’t really breathe. At all.
          The gore is really low, which is why I can stand it being a little wide for my boobs.
          It’s not a bra you put on to forget about. I can feel it on my chest throughout the day, sitting, standing, walking, inhaling… But I love it. I’ve not had any bra like it, and I really enjoy the shape it gives. I don’t have any shirts in which I could show the cleavage it gives, but that’s okay too, since it works as a seamless bra. There isn’t a lot of projection, and it does sit a little out to the side in the way of swinging my arms. That doesn’t bother me so much, but I mention it because I do see some people bothered by it.
          Honestly, I’d be thrilled if Elomi brought Ophelia back in the (preferably near) future, with some small tweaks and a new name or just as it is!

          Wow. I’ve gone on quite a bit…

        • Sweets
          September 5, 2013 at 11:07 pm (10 years ago)

          Ha, I love it! Thank you Samantha! Your description of the way the bump pads feel made me laugh out loud. I’d seen the bra in pictures, but never in real life, so it’s really great to hear about your experience with it (also, good job, Boyfriend). Based on your description, there definitely isn’t anything comparable in the lineup for the next season, although again I’m really interested to see how Bijou does. While I’m an unlined girl through-and-through, I know there are lots and lots and lots of women who would be thrilled if the Ophelia came back or got a revamp, so I’ll be really interested to see where Elomi goes for the next couple of seasons!

        • Samantha W
          September 11, 2013 at 1:48 am (10 years ago)

          Ah! I’m glad you liked it. C: I’m also really interested to see how Elomi does with… Er, well, all of their future releases, but the Bijou in particular is interesting. It does look like a rather similar shape to Ophelia, but I’m positive they’ve made adjustments (which probably includes taking out the bump pads).
          Of course, I’ll probably still squee and get entirely too excited about everything no matter what. I find that lingerie-wise, I’m really fond of just about everything. More points for Boyfriend is that he lets me go on about lingerie (which is probably not very ~exciting~, since my enthusiasm is rather childlike and I don’t leave much room for fantasizing as I tend to rattle on about it, as you may have noticed), but sometimes he gets a little confused when I go from seashell print to delicate, sheer lace, to tiny houses, to color-blocking, to massive in-your-face floral print to flamingos…

  2. Rachelle
    September 5, 2013 at 11:32 am (10 years ago)

    My introduction to Elomi was while searching for a nursing bra that lifted & shaped in a pleasing way. Their smoothing nursing bra was the answer, but I wish it had more style. Maybe for the next baby?
    Nonetheless, Elomi has become my favorite brand. I am, however, disappointed to see that they are continuing their habit of not offering a 34 band in a significant portion of their styles.
    I think if you want cleavage and super uplift, try Curvy Kate.

    • Sweets
      September 5, 2013 at 12:30 pm (10 years ago)

      I’m still getting to know Elomi, so I have lots of styles still to try! I’m seeing more and more 34 bands, and I’d really even like to see them experiment with a few more 32 bands, while they’re at it 🙂 Thanks for the CK recommendation! I tend to turn to Panache/Cleo for uplift, but as I continue to try to find my favorite fits in every brand ever, I’ll need to take more Curvy Kate out for a spin.

    • Laura
      September 5, 2013 at 3:36 pm (10 years ago)

      For some women, CK just isn’t an option. Their balconettes are just like Eveden: if you fit one, you fit ’em all. If you don’t fit in one, you won’t fit in any of them. CK balconettes work best for full-on-bottom women, and their padded half-cups all run small in the cup, so many women (like myself) are sized out. I think that sexy options for fuller figures, options that bring the breasts forward and upward, shouldn’t be so hard to find. Elomi is a company that can certainly afford to give that silhouette a try.

      • Rachelle
        September 5, 2013 at 5:42 pm (10 years ago)

        There are some Elomi shapes that bring your breasts upward and forward, but yes, if you are looking for super cleavage, Elomi isn’t for you. I personally have loved their shapes for day to day wear. I’m a busy stay at home mom of a two year old and caregiver to my 81 year old grandma with Alzheimer’s. Although still only 28 years old, I don’t need super cleavage every day.
        I love that Elomi bras bring my breasts up, forward, and inside of my frame without super cleavage.
        Good Luck finding a bra/brand that works for you!

  3. hedgehogsaysno
    September 5, 2013 at 1:06 pm (10 years ago)

    Wait, wait: they’re doing a 32 band now?

    • Sweets
      September 5, 2013 at 1:44 pm (10 years ago)

      So far I’ve only seen 32s for the Maria basque, but I kind of hope they may show up in bras before long.

  4. faustineli
    September 5, 2013 at 2:55 pm (10 years ago)

    I’m not in the size range, but I adore Imogen. You’re right, it’s very gilded age.
    I’ve generally liked the colors Elomi has offered- the gold makes a statement without any needless other detail. And actually now that I think about it, I can’t think of many other brands who put so much shine into their styles (as opposed to matte fabrics).

    • Sweets
      September 5, 2013 at 9:25 pm (10 years ago)

      They are very, very shiny. It’s been interesting introducing Elomi to fit clients: some people are just so happy to have a bra that fits they don’t care what it looks like, but for some the high shine, particularly in that Honey color, is a huge turn-off. It’s definitely not my first choice, but Rita and Caitlyn do feel fantastic on, even if the look isn’t my favorite.

      • faustineli
        September 6, 2013 at 3:02 pm (10 years ago)

        I would wear a gold bra everywhere. Everywhere!
        I know Freya is trying some metallics with the Deco but I can’t think of any other shiny bras. There was one by an indie designer not long ago that was pretty and black/gold but I can’t remember its name…

  5. Erica of A Sophisticated Pair
    September 5, 2013 at 4:05 pm (10 years ago)

    Great round-up Sweets!!! Elomi is our best-selling brand for the store, so it’s a line I have had a lot of experience with in the last two years. A couple of tidbits:

    * The Hermione was actually Eveden’s first spacer fabric foray, and it went over so well that they introduced Rebecca and later a Freya Active sports bra. Amelia will replace Hermione in part because it supposed to have firmer sides, but the gorgeous Fawn/Charcoal color options will be replaced by standard “Nude”/Black. That’s a bit disappointment for me personally, and the price is going to jump too.

    * Betty and all of the sister frames like Valentina, Madison, and Jocelyn are perfect for women who struggle with forward projection in Elomi, and I was excited to see the Betty now offering a light colored basic.

    * Imogen is now going to be basic style which knocks my socks off since it’s so gorgeous. The non-padded bra is based on the same frame as Rita (which is actually a modified version of Caitlyn), so fans of Rita will like Imogen as well.

    * Women needing a bandless bra like Izzy should check out the new basic Eva. It’s based on the earlier Abi frame but is more discreet under clothes.

    Thanks for linking to us, and again, really great introduction to, imo, the brand to watch for Eveden!

    • Sweets
      September 5, 2013 at 4:13 pm (10 years ago)

      Ahhhhhhhhhhh all of this information is so helpful! Thank you! I’m on a spending freeze right now, but I hope I’ll have a chance to try a bunch of these styles in 2014. Elomi is on a roll!

      • Fussy Busty
        September 10, 2013 at 5:46 pm (10 years ago)

        I LOVE my Eva bras; my only gripe is that they are somewhat shallow near the center gore and the top seam is rather tight across the breasts. I have been meaning to review it for some time, but it is really one of the most comfortable bras that I have.

        Also, I am pining for the Imogen. So hard.

        ALSO….while I wouldn’t mass suggest it, the Rita works well as a low-impact sports bra. That j-hook is a life saver 🙂

        • Sweets
          September 10, 2013 at 5:52 pm (10 years ago)

          I want J-hooks on all of the bras. They are amazing 🙂

  6. WideCurves
    September 5, 2013 at 10:14 pm (10 years ago)

    Oh, that Imogen. I will have to try that.

    • Sweets
      September 5, 2013 at 10:56 pm (10 years ago)

      Agreed. Super pretty.

      • jcupjedi
        September 7, 2013 at 12:11 am (10 years ago)

        Freya, CK, Fantasie and Ewa Michalak bras don’t work well on me. Elomi has been my lifesaver. I have certain fit problems with Elomi; wish for less wide wires,firmer side panels, and slightly narrower gores. But they offer so many choices in a 36J. I find my Renee has a bit more of an “upfront shape” than let’s say Libby and Abi. I found the wires on the Eva too be way more flexible (in a bad way)than other Elomi Bandless styles such as Abi and Maggie.

        As far a the sexy quotient… I received a Maggie (discontinued) set in Paprika today and it is stunning. I am 60 years old and have wearing horrible beige boob slings for most of my life and I never imagined I would have something so pretty that fit my soft, saggy boobs so well.

        • Sweets
          September 9, 2013 at 10:36 am (10 years ago)

          Oh I loved the Maggie set! It is so, so pretty, and I’m delighted to hear you scored one!

  7. Jessica
    September 8, 2013 at 11:43 pm (10 years ago)

    Betty. Betty, Betty, Betty. I have wanted this bra for ages. I keep hoping that, since it’s a fashion AND continuity style which is so popular, Elomi will make it in a JJ cup! PLEASE! I would buy every color!

    Elomi bras work really well for me. Their bandless styles, in particular, are the closest I have found to being ‘plunge’-esque that work for my body! Love the Abi and Confetti, will be buying the newest variations as well. Caitlyn does have limitations and is slightly dowdy but SUPER supportive in a comfortable way.

    Rita has been ok…but with the option of racerback straps they had to lengthen the straps considerably. This makes it difficult to wear the bra in the traditional style because the straps are SO long that you have to move the metal hook forward. For me, that places the hook is right above where the strap connects to the cup and it pokes out, looking odd under clothing. So…meh.

    Over all, I would LOVE it if Elomi would make all of their bras in my size!!! Why stop at HH? Please let me buy your bras! And a babydoll in a JJ cup?! I would stop at nothing to buy one. And would end up buying a few, just in case you stopped making them. Hermione? Yes, Please! Elomi has become my go-to brand over the past couple of years. I’d love to have that relationship continue!

    • Sweets
      September 9, 2013 at 10:40 am (10 years ago)

      I have heard so much Betty love it’s about time I think about getting one for myself! I tried the black but didn’t love the way it dulled down my skin, so these new colors are right up my alley. I’m happy Elomi has added more sizes at the lower end of their range, but I really think they’re in a great position to add sizes at the top end of their range too, both in terms of band and cup. They already stand head and shoulders above some competitors, so it’s high time they really pushed for more HH+ options!

  8. sprezzatura
    September 13, 2013 at 4:12 pm (10 years ago)

    Excellent photography chosen for the post. My favorite photo is of Maria (black outfit). Also, I discovered “Sophisticated Pair” after clicking on the link concerning the open letter to manufacturers. Every single piece on this post seems to be well crafted and comfortable…Imagine that, sexy AND comfortable.

  9. jcupjedi
    September 27, 2013 at 6:53 pm (9 years ago)

    Just received my Black Amelia! I so wish that this and the Madison would come in 36J. Since my re migration has pretty much sized me out of 36HH I ordered the 38HH and can only hope the 3 hook Rixie Clip is ready before this expensive bra is relegated to aTV watching bra.

    I would agree with Elomi that the fit is “firmer” than the Hermione. It is comfortably tight on the middle hook and the side lace panels are of a slightly different design and seem to have a bit more of a forward push. The first thing I noticed was a different(for the better) shape. Not quite as east/west and a bit more uplifted (Jasmine it is not).

    Amelia does seem like somewhat of a fit improvement over the Hermione but let’s be honest… with the total lack of similar bras in my size range, even with the shape flaws this feels like heaven. Only wish they would realize that if they can make a 38HH they can make my darn 36J.

    • Sweets
      September 27, 2013 at 11:36 pm (9 years ago)

      Hey, that’s awesome! Thank you for reporting back on the fit! Sounds like Elomi has done a really good job improving on what they’d already accomplished. Maybe a size expansion will be the next step down the road!


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