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Whew, Lingerie Fashion Week, the Lingerie Collective, and CurveNY have all drawn to a close. Over the course of the last week, New York City has been an absolute haven for lingerie brands, writers, retailers, and general enthusiasts, and I have had a disgracefully good time seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and ogling All the Lingerie Ever. All of my Lingerie Fashion Week coverage is now live, so I’m going to turn my attention to the brands who presented their Spring/Summer 2014 collections to retailers at the CurveNY trade show. Many of these brands will also present their collections in a few weeks at CurveNV (Las Vegas), so even more people will have a chance to check them out!

In February I did some Curve overview and trend forecasting first before covering my favorite New Find, but this time around I couldn’t wait to share a new brand with you right away.

On Monday afternoon I was wandering around the expo for a few minutes in between appointments, when a young woman approached and handed me a card for her booth. In true New Yorker mode, I accepted it without making eye contact, mumbled some thanks, and kept going without breaking my stride. When I rounded the corner I glanced down. “Sunday Intimates”. Made in L.A. Huh, that sounds familiar. Flipped the card over and read: “Band sizes 28-34, Cup sizes D-H”.


“Hello again, I’m the one who was kind of rude about thirty seconds ago. Can I ask you if your bras come in US or UK sizes?”

“Our bras are in UK sizes.”


"Lolita" in black by Sunday Intimates

“Lolita” in black by Sunday Intimates

I grabbed Caro of The Lingerie Lesbian (and later Cecily of Miss Underpinnings, although we’d misplaced her at the time), and we sat down to meet Tannis Mann and Simonette Lowy, the delightful co-owners and masterminds of Sunday Intimates.  As full-bust women themselves (we compared a lot of notes on our favorite Panache and Miss Mandalay bras), they understand the challenges involved in finding a bra that fits both your body and your personal style, and they developed their new line out of a desire for fashion-forward, directional, high-end lingerie for the full-bust market.

"Dottie" by Sunday Intimates in Navy

“Dottie” by Sunday Intimates in Navy

As they walked us through their debut collection, I kept thinking to myself “yep, I want to wear that … and that … and that … and oh my gosh, that is so pretty.”  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a collection that I loved in its entirety the way I loved Sunday’s debut collection.

For example, “Tuesday” is a sheer basic black lace bra.  No big deal, right?  Except I have been looking for a sheer basic black lace bra in my size that fit well for a while now (I want to wear it with my Kiss Me Deadly Pink Alouette set, you see), and apart from Panache’s Andorra, which isn’t exactly sheer, I’ve come up empty-handed.  And lo, here it is, available with a matching lace brief or thong:

"Tuesday" by Sunday Intimates

“Tuesday” by Sunday Intimates

While Sunday’s focus is on stylish intimates for full-bust figures, Tannis and Simonette also wanted to create a true lifestyle brand.  “Dottie”, therefore, is available in two of my favorite colors for lingerie, navy and blush pink, with adorable matching pajamas and a kimono.

"Dottie" by Sunday Intimates

“Dottie” by Sunday Intimates

"Dottie" by Sunday Intimates

“Dottie” by Sunday Intimates

I love this concept, and I love the lookbook image even more.  I want to be this girl, in this kitchen, wearing this darling kimono with contrasting sizes of polka dots, eating peanut butter with a giant fluffy dog (sorry Gus):

"Dottie" Kimono in Navy by Sunday Intimates

“Dottie” Kimono in Navy by Sunday Intimates

We next moved on to “Marie”, the range that I can’t help but feel will put Sunday Intimates on the map.  Available in two different chiffon prints with black satin trim, Marie is available as a bra, high-waisted brief (with light shaping), thong, kimono, PJ top, and PJ shorts.

"Marie" by Sunday Intimates

“Marie” by Sunday Intimates

You guys, I don’t think I realized how much I want a kimono that matches my undies and my pajamas until I saw this set.  I will swan around my apartment in it, being stylish and … blogging, I guess.  But blogging glamorously.  You can mix and match all the pieces to create a huge variety of lingerie and loungewear ensembles, and even take some of the pieces into beautiful day or evening wear.  Check out Tannis’ adorable outfit for proof!

"Marie" by Sunday Intimates

“Marie” by Sunday Intimates

Over the past week I repeatedly saw that more classic shapes like longline bras and high-waist briefs are here to stay, but that the execution is becoming decidedly modern, veering away from slightly kitschy styles to embrace more sophisticated looks.  The high-waist knickers, in warm peach or green floral prints with black side panels, are 100% in keeping with this updated-retro trend.   The black fabric trimming the bra is a little special, which brings me to:

"Lolita" bra and high-waist brief with "Sara" kimono jacket by Sunday Intimates

“Lolita” bra and high-waist brief with “Sara” kimono jacket by Sunday Intimates

So, it’s just a black bra, right?  Actually, it’s a little more: a great, streamlined black bra with a lovely rounded shape, free of embellishment and rendered in a black satin that looks almost like leather.  In February I remember noting that there are not a lot of badass/edgy/androgynous options for full-bust women who don’t want to wear ruffles or pink or frills or bows.  Here is that option, available in black, blush pink, grape wine trimmed with blush, and navy trimmed with black.  I would like one of each color, naturally.

"Lolita" by Sunday Intimates

“Lolita” by Sunday Intimates

See the gold jacket in the lookbook image above?  Yeah, that goes with this:

"Sara" by Sunday Intimates

“Sara” by Sunday Intimates

I know, right?  I was not previously aware that I needed a gold lace longline bra with a matching high-waist brief and a matching tuxedo bed jacket.  I now feel like it’s really, really important that one day these become a part of my life.  I got to try on the jacket, and it felt so silky and sumptuous, and I kind of didn’t want to give it back.

"Sara" by Sunday Intimates

“Sara” by Sunday Intimates

Sunday’s continuity colors include black, white, navy, blush pink (I’m calling it blush pink, while the line sheets call it “Sunday Nude”, and you know how I feel about calling beige/blush “nude”, so I’m going to pretend like it’s called blush pink, or ballet pink, or dusty rose, or anything other than nude, and we’ll carry on), with the aforementioned gold, floral, and purple fashion colors.  All bras are available in sizes 28 DD-H and 30-34 D-H (UK), with knickers in sizes XS-L and kimonos in S/M and M/L.

"Marie" by Sunday Intimates

“Marie” by Sunday Intimates

Sunday Intimates is definitely a higher-end luxury brand, which will be reflected in higher prices.  However, I did get to speak with Tannis and Simonette once Curve was over, and they told me that they’re going to investigate new suppliers for their powermesh, to bring the first season into a slightly more modest price point.  While the prices are higher than many full-bust customers may be used to, I for one wasn’t surprised by them.  Panache and Freya are enormous brands with a lot of muscle and history behind them, and their designs are mass-market-oriented and produced in China.  They’re going to produce slightly more generic prints (yes, even Freya) and slightly less daring styles, simply because they have to make products with broad appeal.  I would be thrilled to go into a small, indie lingerie boutique and have the opportunity, as my smaller-busted sisters are able to do regularly, to try an independent brand made in the USA that’s offering me something unique and special that’s more in keeping with the rest of my fashion choices.

"Dottie" by Sunday Intimates

“Dottie” by Sunday Intimates

So, hurray, right?  Well, here’s the exciting/frustrating thing about discovering new brands:

They’re brand new!  Strong new voices and awesome designs!  Some of my favorite colors!  Made in Los Angeles!  Great indie feel!  Fashion-forward!  Woohoo!  It’s really, really fun welcoming new talent, but if the stores don’t place orders, we won’t be able to try the products come Spring/Summer 2014.  This means Tannis and Simonette have to start thinking about an Autumn/Winter 2014 and Spring/Summer 2015 collection right now, without knowing if the current collection will even go to production.  If you have a local boutique you know will be at CurveNV, and you want them to look at Sunday Intimates, start spreading the word!  Let them know in person, drop them a tweet or an email, and who knows– you could be one of the voices that helps launch your new favorite lingerie brand!  Assuming the collection goes into production, e-commerce will launch in Spring 2014.  I kind of want to start saving my pennies just in case.

And Simonette DID mention something about film noir as an inspiration for Autumn/Winter 2014 …

Official Site (with the full lookbook, for more pretty pictures)
Sunday on Facebook
Sunday on Twitter
Sunday on Instagram

What do you think of this exciting new brand?

14 Comments on CurveNY New Find: Sunday Intimates

    • Sweets
      August 9, 2013 at 7:46 am (10 years ago)

      We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed! Excited to see where they go next.

  1. Julia Lambert
    August 9, 2013 at 1:14 pm (10 years ago)

    Halp, Sweets: your sister needs some assistance with fashion lingo. What does “directional” mean? And what’s a “lifestyle brand”?

    Also, she would like all of these things, please.

    And thanks for reminding us that pink is not nude! But also, Miss Lambert would like all of these things. Well done, Sunday Intimates!

    • Sweets
      August 9, 2013 at 1:31 pm (10 years ago)

      Shoot, you’ve called me out, so I’ll answer as best I can and rely on fashion-types to correct me where I go wrong. In general, directional just means that there’s been thought and intent to produce designs that evoke a specific mood, idea, or ethos. For example, I wouldn’t necessarily call Wacoal directional, but NaiS definitely would be. A lifestyle brand refers to a brand that feels designed or targeted to appeal to a certain group or subculture, and that brand usually offers more than one kind of product. So here, the group is fashion-conscious full-bust women looking for upscale, retro-influenced lingerie and loungewear that fit in with their overall senses of personal style. Yes? If a commenter sees this and wants to add/correct anything, I hope they do.

  2. Janice
    August 10, 2013 at 5:16 pm (10 years ago)

    30″ band sizes, high-waisted briefs, and no frilly-thingies? Yes, please!

    • Sweets
      August 11, 2013 at 11:23 am (10 years ago)

      I know right? It just looks wonderful!

  3. firelizard19
    August 17, 2013 at 2:30 pm (10 years ago)

    In love- want! Especially the Tuesday and the Lolita bra. I’ve been on the quest for the perfect black, lace, sheer bra too, ever since I got one from Chantelle that ended up itching like crazy, so much that I had to return it to Nordstroms, who kindly took it back, after soaking it in fabric softener and trying to wear it twice, and ending up scratching my boobs all day at work- I was subtle! I think… 🙂 I loved everything about that bra except the itching, and the fact it had a brand-name pattern in the lace (a bunch of C’s). *sigh*

    • Sweets
      August 19, 2013 at 11:42 am (10 years ago)

      I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes next from Sunday! I hope CurveNV is successful for them, and the season goes to production. I’m having a terrible time deciding which style I’d like to try first, but Tuesday is definitely way up there!


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