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Remember how back in January we found the Tutti Rouge campaign videos, and I was all “OMG this is right. up. my. alley.”?

Some of Tutti Rouge's Spring/Summer styles, including a pretty purple version of "Liliana" (right).

Some of Tutti Rouge’s Spring/Summer styles, including a pretty purple version of “Liliana” (left).  “Betty” (right) will be available at Bravissimo in June.


There has been a lot of excitement surrounding the launch. Offering bras in sizes 28-38 DD-HH (with Liliana available up to a J), the new brand has turned heads with their charming, flirty videos, bright and colorful styles, attention to detail, impressive size range, and attractive price point.  Bras are designed to suit natural and enhanced figures equally well, and the designs, colors, and unusual accessories speak to a sophisticated understanding of the current market, as well as a strong appeal to a youthful customer base.  The brand has a warm and cheerful presence on multiple social media platforms, and a snazzy official website is in the works.  I was thrilled when Tutti Rouge reached out to me to offer me the lovely “Liliana” set to review for Sweet Nothings.  [Note: Tutti Rouge provided this set for review.  All opinions are my own.]

Pro tip: when a brand new company goes out of their way to send you a treat, consider giving them the correct zip code.  Oh I wanted to die when I realized what I’d done.

My beautiful package finally made it to me last week, and I raced home to examine it closely.

Well-played, Tutti Rouge.

Well-played, Tutti Rouge.

The presentation was just another indication of Tutti Rouge’s strong sense of their brand and aesthetic.  I felt like I was opening the most fun, girly Christmas present ever; once I unwrapped the pink mailer, I found a black box with the TR logo, pink tissue paper, a carefully folded lingerie set, a branded lipgloss and candy stick, and a “Top Secret” letter addressed to Sweet Nothings.  I won’t lie, it made me feel special.



A lot of the bloggers I talk with regularly have been just as excited about Tutti Rouge as I am, and, interestingly, lots of us were a little hesitant about the aggressively pink color for Liliana.  I don’t tend to wear a lot of pink, both for personal and professional reasons, and I even tend to bypass pink lingerie, just because it can be a default color after beige/black/white.  Further, I’m kind of loud and obnoxious about my preference for cut-and-sew non-padded bras.  It’s all a matter of body type and preference; many full-bust women feel most supported in padded bras; I always feel insecure and unsupported in them.

Stealth polka dots.  Polka dots are my weakness.

Stealth polka dots. Polka dots are my weakness.

This is why every time I decide I’m set in my ways I’m thrown for a loop.  Liliana is gorgeous.  Gorgeous.  The pink has been described by others as “bubblegum” or “strawberry” (hence yesterday’s Strawberry Tarts), and I see it as a bright, bold pink, not quite neon, not quite coral, but hugely flattering to a range of skin tones.  The construction takes the best of padded and non-padded bras and brings them harmoniously together.  The lower section of the cups is very thinly padded, with a vertical center seam for lift, and the top part of the cup is sheer stretch lace (certain sizes, including mine, feature an additional lining under the lace, which stabilizes the top of the cup but doesn’t interfere with the sheer look).  Trimmed with ivory ribbons, bows at the center gore and straps, and pretty heart-shaped strap adjusters, the bra features classic construction with sweet, cheeky twists.


The coordinating short and a detail shot of the gorgeous, gorgeous lace. So pretty, right?

Tutti Rouge’s attention to detail is really impressive.  I love the cut of the shorts: the legline is cut quite low in the front, providing a really nice level of coverage, but the rise in the back is ever-so-slightly cheeky.  The stretch lace is hugely comfortable, and the ribbon trim sasses it up without digging in.  I requested the same size as I wear in Panache (one size up from Eveden and Bravissimo) and the fit was spot on.  They are lovely and perfect and I want to wear them forever.

This isn't a great representation of the color, but look at the adjusters!

This isn’t a great representation of the color, but look at the adjusters!  Also, one side of the hooks says “Tutti” and the other side says “Rouge”.  Freaking adorable.

The materials are all soft to the touch, the construction is immaculate, and the design carefully considered.  Let’s talk about fit!

I requested my current “standard” size (same as I wear in Panache and Bravissimo) for the bra.  While my poor box was lost in transit, I read other reviewers’ reports that some women were finding the cups a little small.  I tried my set on with a little trepidation.

The goods news:

The band is nice and firm, and I find it true-to-size compared to Panache, possibly slightly smaller.  Some women find they need to size down in the band with Eveden or Bravissimo bras; I’d encourage you NOT to size down in the band for Tutti Rouge, as the bands are not overly stretchy.  The bottom edge of elastic is quite tight; indeed my only quibble with the band is I wish the stretch were more even throughout.  The bra closes with three rows of three columns of hooks and eyes, and the straps are fully adjustable.  Very often “plunge” bras in G+ sizes are glorified balconettes, but I consider Liliana to be a true plunge bra.  The gore is a bit taller than my Starburst plunge bra from Bravissimo, but it is slightly lower than Freya’s plunge balcony styles.

The bad news: the cups are, indeed, too small.

The cups are really beautifully shaped.  They don’t offer as much projection as some women find in Cleo or Ewa Michalak, and in fact I’d say it’s the most low-profile my silhouette has looked in a long time, but I kind of like it!  It’s a nice change of pace.  The wire placement really suits my shape: not too wide, and even though the cups are shallower than Panache, I don’t feel smushed the way I would in a minimizer bra.  I was worried that there would be a really noticeable bump where the padded section of the cup met the sheer lace section, but I actually found the profile to look quite smooth, so yay!

Unfortunately, there isn’t quite enough room in the cups, so my breast tissue is being pushed up and out of the top of the bra.  It looks like I’m leaning face-first against a wall, and my boobs are being squished up my chest.  Not the cutest look.  If you are between sizes, or you feel like you’re “at capacity” in your current bras, I’d strongly encourage you to try a cup size (or even two) higher than you might wear in other brands.  While I know this is discouraging to true J-cups who may find themselves sized out of this style, remember that new brands often have the opportunity to adjust their patterns in response to customer feedback.  Claudette and Curvy Kate have both adjusted patterns to improve fit in recent seasons, so don’t despair!  The fact that Tutti Rouge launched with such an impressive size range reflects a real commitment to their full-bust customer base.

From the immaculate details and great design to the impressive shape and support, Tutti Rouge is an overall winner.  I will absolutely be purchasing a Liliana bra of my own in a different size, and I am eagerly awaiting the launch of future styles.  I’ve gone from being someone who is adamantly anti-pink and anti-padding to someone who wants more of both!  Tutti Rouge’s final accomplishment?  Bras retail for around $40– a really attractive price point in the full-bust market!

A+, highly recommended, would buy again.  What do you think of Tutti Rouge?

“Liliana” is available at Bravissimo, Esty Lingerie, and Runway Republic, with more retailers to follow.

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Tutti Rouge:

12 Comments on Review: Liliana by Tutti Rouge

  1. Erica of A Sophisticated Pair
    May 7, 2013 at 10:40 am (10 years ago)

    Another fabulous review! I’m looking forward to getting mine. Like you, I ordered my Panache size, so I’m hoping that will be accommodating enough in the cup region. The color and design are really enticing though, and I’m glad to hear the padding at the bottom is thinner too.

    • Sweets
      May 7, 2013 at 11:32 am (10 years ago)

      I can’t wait to hear what you think, Erica! Liliana has truly changed the way I feel about padded bras. It helps that it’s so pretty 🙂

      • sophisticatedpair
        May 7, 2013 at 11:35 am (10 years ago)

        I’m excited too! We’ve had so many problems with Curvy Kate that I’m contemplating subbing Tutti Rouge into the store instead if all goes well with my sample. 🙂

        • Sweets
          May 7, 2013 at 11:52 am (10 years ago)

          I won’t lie, I would find that really exciting, since I just don’t get a great fit with CK. Can’t wait to try more TR!

  2. Julia Lambert
    May 7, 2013 at 1:48 pm (10 years ago)

    I’m so intrigued by how stellar all of the reviews of this range are. The styling is so incredibly girly, and that pink is so pink, that I was really not that excited. For example, I’d never have picked a bra with that styling, although I 100% agree that, for young, busty woman, it looks like a godsend. However, the reviews of the construction, details, and fit sound so overwhelmingly positive, that I’m thinking I’ll have to check them out the next time I need a new bra! The $40-ish price tag is also quite appealing!

    • Sweets
      May 7, 2013 at 2:06 pm (10 years ago)

      I’ll admit, some of the Spring/Summer styles might have appealed more to me as a sixteen year old than now. But Autumn/Winter looks like it’ll shake things up a bit! I’ll let you know when I try my new sizes what I think.


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