Sweet Nothing Du Jour: 4/5/13 with Angela Friedman

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Drama and English Literature of the Middle Ages/Renaissance, with a minor in French.  Yeah.  At 22, I was not what we would call “a totally useful person,” but I could throw a mean fake punch.  I still marvel that I was hired at my current job in the first place.  While I was not particularly good (yet) at being a professional assistant, I was very, very good at wearing big dresses.  And swishing them.

In a confession that will astonish no one, I have a rich fantasty life. Much of it unevolved since I was a child.  I mean, some of it has . . . matured, but a lot of my “it’s time to go to sleep– Sleep! Go to sleep! Now!” brain meanderings involve A) imprecisely “old-timey” settings and B) VERY precise renderings of EXACTLY the kind of garments I’d wear in my dramatic other lives.  Big dresses, long gloves, and of course amazing, amazing corsets.  I also spend time trying to figure out how I could bring my 21st century shower and curling iron with me.

You know, when I started the blog, I thought I was so clever starting the Sweet Nothing Du Jour series, because then I could just highlight the little things, which is fine when it’s my cats, but when it’s something totally jaw-dropping I sort of feel like a doofus. Speaking of jaw-dropping:

Clair de Lune Corset by Angela Friedman

Clair de Lune Corset by Angela Friedman

I’ve mentioned her before, but in case you aren’t familiar with her amazing, crazy mad talent, Angela Friedman is a New York-based independent luxury lingerie and corset designer.  These are not the “corsets” you’d buy for Halloween at Frederick’s of Hollywood or Ricky’s.  These are the real deal: the ones you wear with the big dresses that go swish.  The ones that are steel boned, impeccably crafted, gorgeously styled.  The ones you wear with ruffly knickers and suspenders and stockings and big hair.

Like so.

Like so.

I got to meet her during CurveNY/LingerieFW, and we bonded over a shared fascination with our cats, lingerie, and ballet. Last week I won one of her Instagram contests and went to visit her at her atelier to pick up my lovely new garter. I think she has in mind I will save it for a future wedding; I’m already planning a sweet yet sassy pole dancing outfit. To each her own 🙂


Thank you Angela!

If you are a performer, or you have a magnificent gown, or you just want a truly special lingerie ensemble, check out Angela’s Etsy shop.  She offers ready-to-wear, semi-custom, and fully bespoke corsets and lingerie.  I’ve seen some of her bespoke corsets for fuller-busted women, and they’re absolutely stunning.  If corsets aren’t your style, her line of chemises, knickers, bralettes, robes, and other luxurious silk and lace lingerie pieces are ready for a lady of any era (be sure to go to her Instagram feed for sneak peeks of upcoming pieces).  It doesn’t hurt that she’s lovely and kind as well.

Angela Friedman Official Site
Etsy shop

3 Comments on Sweet Nothing Du Jour: 4/5/13 with Angela Friedman

  1. Laura Brasinha
    April 6, 2013 at 12:55 pm (10 years ago)

    Droooooooll…. Damn, this is way to pretty! Things to buy when I start working: this!

    • Sweets
      April 6, 2013 at 1:14 pm (10 years ago)

      Aren’t they so lovely? And she can make things in every color of the rainbow!

  2. Mom
    April 6, 2013 at 4:23 pm (10 years ago)

    “Big dresses that go swish” is so you, made me smile.


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