Suggestions for the Full-Figure Lingerie Shopper

There is SO MUCH lingerie on the internet.  In many ways, it’s thrilling and empowering: the industry is really booming, brands are really listening to customer feedback and paying attention to fashion trends, and new brands are emerging all the time that cater to specific shapes and sizes of women.  It feels great to know the options are out there, but it’s also hugely overwhelming.  I wanted to spotlight a few options that I’ve come across recently that cater to a full-figure customer.  In some cases there will be some overlap for the full-bust customer, but by and large I want to focus on brands that cater to women who may struggle to find sexy lingerie that fits their hips and bellies as well as their breasts.

Hips and Curves

Skirted Thong (1X-4X) and Strappy Stretch Lace Bra (38-44, no cup sizes specified), stay-up stockings (1X-6X). This seriously looks like a set from Agent Provocateur, at a fraction of the cost. Very pretty!

Wow.  I kind of love everything on this site.  I think Hips and Curves is a great place to start, if you want to dip your toes into super-sexy lingerie.  The prices are eminently reasonable, and the designs are elegant, sophisticated, on-trend, and sensual.  The site offers bras, panties, sleepwear, costumes, fun burlesque accessories, shapewear, corsets and bustiers, stockings, suspender belts, even leather and patent lingerie.  It’s a fun one-stop shop for any lingerie needs- everyday wear, special occasion, bridal wear, and more risque fun.

Charmeuse Cami Tap Set in Purple (1X-4X, Charmeuse robe available 1X-6X)

Lace Heart Back Panty in Black (1X-4X)  Eeeee, I love these!

Daisy Embroidered Basque (38-48 D-G) Available in Black and White


Libby Balconette Bra in Sky. 36-44 E-JJ.

Elomi is an Eveden brand that specializes in lingerie and swimwear for the full-figure customer.  They’ve really been upping the game in terms of shifting their designs from the dowdy and matronly to the elegant and fashion-forward.  The latest brochure on their website is wonderful, with a glamorous, old-Hollywood theme.  Elomi bras offer exceptional fit and support for the full-figure/full-bust woman, with most bras available in sizes 36-44 D-G, with some styles available up to JJ cups, depending on the style of bra and the band size.  There are also a few bridal, strapless, and nursing styles available.  Accessories M-4XL.

Elomi Smoothing Underwired Bustier, available in Ivory and Black. 36-42 DD-G.

Ophelia Plunge Bra with Matching Suspender. 34-46 DD-G (this is an older style, so sizes may be limited).

Elomi bras are pretty widely available.  I’d recommend checking Nordstrom, Figleaves, BareNecessities, HerRoom, Amazon, Linda’s, Townshop, and A Sophisticated Pair.

Itty Bitty Bra

Flatter Me Bra in Black. Available in sizes 40-46 AA-B.

Itty Bitty Bra specializes in small-cup bras, and their Flatter Me bra, available in black and beige, is especially designed to fit full-figure women who wear smaller cup sizes.

The Flatter Me bras also feature removable pads. I’d like to see more bras like this available for the small-bust full-figure crowd, especially in some more exciting designs.


Curveturiere Strapless Bra. My strapless bras have always been beige. Pink? Don’t mind if I do.

Curveturiere hasn’t even launched yet (August 2012), and they’re already getting great buzz; check out this feature on The Full-Figured Chest.  Based on the early press releases and images, their initial collection is going to feature bras and supportive sleepwear in sizes 32-50 D-K (UK sizes US sizes) and accessories in sizes XS-3X, and they’re hoping to expand their size ranges even more in the next few years, which is kind of extraordinary.  Early press photos show a few styles in lovely, non-basic colors, including what looks to be a strapless/convertible bra, as well as a few wire-free or camisole-style bras available in lovely colors and fun leopard prints.  Check out their Facebook page here for more news and preview photos.

Curveturiere does animal-print in a unique camisole-bra.

Ewa Michalak

A soon-to-be-released new style from Ewa Michalak.

I’ve mentioned them before, but they’re so great I need to mention them again.  Just look at this lovely photo of all of these women in bras that suit them and their different figures perfectly.  Ewa Michalak offers bras in sizes 26-55 A-HH, and if you think you may need a different size, they’ll make one for you.  The bras are bright, colorful, sexy, supportive, and reasonably-priced.  If you decide to order, be sure to check the fitting guide, as the sizes may vary a bit from your standard UK or US size.  I have not ordered (yet!), but all the bloggers I’ve read who do wear Ewa Michalak report that the Customer Service is excellent, though of course shipping speeds from Poland will vary.  They recommend emailing if you have any questions at all, and you’ll get great ordering, fitting and sizing advice.

“Lato” bras by Ewa Michalak, available in a plunge style (PL, modeled on the far left and far right) or half-cup style (CH, modeled by the two women in the center).


“Pure Lace” by Panache Sculptresse.

Panache will be launching Sculptresse in 2013 (there’s not even a website yet), offering swimwear and lingerie for the full-figure-full-bust customer (I’m sorry to throw another this-doesn’t-actually-exist-yet brand at you, but Panache is such a reliable player that this is worth mentioning now).  The NY lingerie trade shows are coming up in August, so more press photos and information should be available soon, but for now here are some images I found after some furious Googling.  The look is charmingly retro and pin-up, and the styles appear to range from smooth basics to some pretty, vintage-inspired pieces.  I’ll report more as soon as I know more!

“Pure” by Panache Sculptresse

“Bellise” by Panache Sculptresse

“Willow” by Panache Sculptresse. In my imagination, do I look exactly like this adorably bookish lingerie-wearer? Yes, yes I do.

Tic Tac Toe

Finally, if you’re in NYC and you’re looking for, well, trashy lingerie, I really, really like Tic Tac Toe, which is located near all the other sexy-times shops in the West Village on West 4th St.  I went there looking for pole dancing shoes and wasn’t optimistic about finding my size, but the sales assistant said “We totally have shoes in your size, we get all the drag queens!”  Aw, thanks y’all.  I bought my boots and a tutu and some stockings and things there, but while I was looking around I noticed the really impressive number of plus-size offerings they had.  Pleather bustiers, fishnet and lace bodystockings, plaid schoolgirl miniskirts, costumes, and pretty much anything else you might need for, um, very SPECIFIC occasions, you can probably find here.  They don’t have a website, but if you’re feeling shy, I’d recommend giving them a call.  The sex shops in NYC tend to be sensitive and accepting, and I’m sure they can answer any questions you may have before you venture in.  All purchases are wrapped in opaque plastic bags, for privacy. 😉

I’ll keep these recommendations coming as new lines and shops come across my radar, but I hope these few suggestions help you get started if you’ve been wanting to mix things up in your lingerie drawer.  As always, if you’re looking for something specific, just let me know, and I’ll do my damnedest to find it!

5 Comments on Suggestions for the Full-Figure Lingerie Shopper

  1. theshrinkingjourney
    August 29, 2012 at 5:54 pm (10 years ago)

    Do you happen to know anything about the size range for Panache Sculptresse??

    • Sweets
      August 29, 2012 at 6:25 pm (10 years ago)

      I do! 36-46 D-J, and the first collection will feature five different styles, some in multiple colors. I’m really looking forward to the release, and to see if they expand the size range further.

      • theshrinkingjourney
        August 29, 2012 at 9:37 pm (10 years ago)

        Oh yes!! I found this almost immediately after posting my comment to you. Thanks for responding.

        I really can’t wait for this range! I hope it has all the great qualities of the Superbra line. 🙂

        • Sweets
          August 29, 2012 at 9:50 pm (10 years ago)

          Me too! I hope other designers start to offer competitive lines as well.


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