Recommended Reading: Busted! By Ali Cudby

If I had to choose a gift for a teenage girl (or her mom), I’d be that awkward friend who gave her this book. Y’all, it’s so great.  It really is.  It’s short, sweet, matter-of-fact, and astoundingly comprehensive on the subject of boobs and bras. Ali Cudby is the founder and CEO of FabFoundations™, a bra-fitting service that seeks to empower every woman to understand, love, and fit her breasts, no matter her age or size. There are some heartbreaking personal anecdotes sprinkled throughout (a mother whose teenage daughter had just been fitted into a 32G bra wrote to Ali: “Should I get her a breast reduction?” Ali’s response was much less ragey than mine would have been) and straightforward, easy-to-understand advice. Ali talks about her personal experience growing up with ill-fitting bras, and the life-changing joy she felt when (like me!) she discovered Bravissimo. She went on to develop and market a fitting technique called the FabFit™ Formula that spells out all of the points a woman should check to ensure her bra fits her well.


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For such a short book, Ali manages to touch on fit, shopping, augmentations, reductions, prosthetics, bra styles, breast shape, bra construction, body type, shopping advice, maternity needs, post-surgical needs, and common fit issues, all the while emphasizing that the important thing is FIT, not SIZE. The myth of the D/DD cup being “huge” is just that- worrying over size, not fit. She talks about how saying “D-cup” is meaningless, and she takes it further than I did by saying that even adding the number (a “38D”) doesn’t tell us much, because a woman who wears a 38D in one brand might wear a different size in another brand. A woman is not her bra size. She just wears bras, and it’s the fit that counts.

My absolute favorite part, the part that made me fist-bump Gus with delight, was when I hit the chapter entitled “Essential Steps to Stress-Free Bra Shopping”. Remember how I said that wildly differing sizing systems across different brands could be confounding and frustrating for a woman trying to shop on her own? Busted! provides cup volume comparison charts that cover the major petite to full-bust and full-figure brands as well as an international cup size comparison chart to help the do-it-yourself fitter/shopper as she navigates the confusing world of online lingerie shopping. There is also a glossary and bibliography for further help, a list of useful websites, fit checklists, bra care instructions, and a dedicated website that offers readers print-out versions of the charts and checklists she includes in the book, as well as videos, tips and coupons.  Check it out and go learn some stuff.  Happy reading!

Busted! The Fab Foundations™ Guide to Bras that Fit, Flatter and Feel Fantastic
by Ali Cudby, America’s #1 Bra Coach
JourneyGrrrl Publishing, 2011
Better World Books

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  1. Dariana Wheeland
    June 9, 2021 at 3:25 am (1 year ago)

    I’m taking her FabFit Academy bra fitter coarse right now and it’s a blast! Hoping to earn my certificate just for the bra knowledge not a job!


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