Summer Sweets

Can we take a second and just talk about cute things?

I mean, look, I consider myself a champion of every woman’s right to a good bra.  I think there is a bra out there to suit every person’s shape and size, and I won’t rest until every woman finds the bra that just makes her feel and look fantastic in her clothes.  And I’m kind of a nerd about underwear (WHAAAAT?!? you say in disbelief), so things like “good fit” and “breast volume” and “cup shape” and “side slings” and “underwire proportions” etc. etc. are endlessly fascinating to me, but let’s be real: they don’t THRILL.  They don’t ENTICE.  They don’t make me squeal or sigh or coo with delight.  They generally make me furrow my brow and go “huh.  oh.  I must learn more.”

Also, I’ve been a bit in a style rut lately, y’all, and I need to look at some cute things.  Clothing I’ve owned and loved for 4+ years is starting to wear out, and that includes my underwear.  “Oh, hey, that bra is 3.5 years old.  That might explain why it’s dead.” AND it’s staying light out longer, and it’s Friday, and I have pina coladas on the brain, and stupid True Blood starts on Sunday, and now Bravissimo has had the audacity to launch their summer collection.

Holy pants, it is a-freaking-dorable.  It’s also more size-inclusive that some past ranges have been.  There are lots of offerings starting from a 28 back and going up to a J cup, and even some new styles up to K, KK, and L cups.  There is swimwear up to J, JJ, and K cups, including bikinis and tankinis.  There are padded bras for those who prefer them and soft cup bras for others and coordinating bottoms (I MUST HAVE ALL THE MATCHING THINGS).  There are multiple black and beige options for disappearing under sheer clothing.  There are florals and stripes and bold colors and muted colors and pastels and neons and I have . . . lots of things hanging out in my shopping cart, tempting me.  ALSO??!?!  Almost all of the bras come in at $50 or under, even with the hideous exchange rates.  I could buy them all, or I could pay my rent.  Siiigh.  Sweets, start saving your pennies.  Below are some of the picks on my wishlist:

Don’t you want to go on summer vacation now?

Also, happy, smiling, gorgeous, sexy models who look happy, smiling, gorgeous, and sexy?  More please.

P.S. Bravissimo, look, I clearly love you.  Yeah, some of your bras don’t suit me, but I can deal, because I like what you stand for.  Can I be super picky and politically correct?  Stop using the word “Oriental” (the new bra in question isn’t in this gallery for that very reason).  It drives me bananas.  If a bra has cherry blossoms on it, call it a cherry blossom bra.  If a print is inspired by the art of a specific country, please name that country or piece of art in your description instead of saying “a lovely Oriental pattern” or similar.  Work on your copy.

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  1. Rachel
    June 8, 2012 at 1:59 pm (11 years ago)

    Hey Sweets! Congratulations on your blog!
    All these matching sets make me wonder if the next frontier in underwear sizing is… underwear (sorry, I never say “panties”). Having much more to put there than into bras, it biases my lingerie shopping. I almost never buy matching sets because either the underwear part doesn’t fit, or its description is glossed over so I can’t predict whether it will fit. Perhaps you’d confront this in a future post-I’d love it!

    • Sweets
      June 8, 2012 at 2:14 pm (11 years ago)

      Wow. I’m frankly appalled with myself for never considering that, since my fit issues are always with bras, but I am SO GLAD you pointed it out! I am definitely going to start paying more attention. Off the top of my head I will say that UK companies like Bravissimo and brands like Panache are a little better than some department stores, size-wise, because they tend to produce underwear in “standard” dress sizes, which in the UK are sizes 8-18 (US 4-14), rather than just S, M, L. I’m going to add this to my list of research topics, though, because you’re absolutely right: bottoms, and their varying shapes and sizes, get glossed over. Bravissimo is guilty of this; you can’t see their briefs very clearly on the website, and there’s only a cursory size chart. I know that some brands are making an effort to expand their options; Curvy Kate, Elomi, Freya, and Parfait by Affinitas have all released high-waisted briefs as an alternative to super-low bikini or thong styles, which are so much trickier to fit. But yes, you’re absolutely right: briefs and bottoms should be the next frontier! I have to admit that my experience with them has been relatively stress-free, so I’d love to hear from you or any other readers about what some specific struggles or frustrations have been. Feel free to email sweetnothingnyc[at]gmail[dot]com if you’d rather keep your personal stuff personal.


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