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I’ve heard from many of the amazing ladies in my life that they’re interested in trying on certain brands, but are wary of the price or aren’t sure where to start.  Nordstrom is currently running its semi-annual sale, and some of my favorite lingerie brands are included in the sale, although some of the size ranges are limited.  Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns, so if you wanted to try on any styles without worrying about shipping costs, there’s the opportunity for a great deal.  There are also many styles for the brands below that aren’t included in the sale, including some great swimwear.


I keep going back to Freya again and again.  Sure, not every style is my cup of tea, but the range of styles/shapes they offer is really great, because there is usually something for everyone.

Deco bra by Freya

Deco bra by Freya


Elomi is one of Freya’s sister brands, for fuller-figured women.

Maggie bra by Elomi


Fantasie is also one of Freya’s sister brands.  The styles tend towards the basic, but the support is unparalleled.

Florence bra by Fantasie


Panache is a rival full-bust brand out of the UK, and their sports bra is the best I’ve ever worn.  Panache Superbra is the name of their basics/continuity brand, Cleo by Panache is their “younger sister” in terms of carrying cuter/girlier/more youthful styles (loooove these), Atlantis is their sister brand that caters to the smaller-bust customer, and Masquerade (sometimes known as Harlequin in the U.S.) is the grown up sassy older sister who’s lived in Paris for a while and is super elegant.  Nordstrom stocks Panache and Cleo bras.  Panache bras all around tend to have firmer/less stretchy bands than Freya.

Chloe bra by Cleo by Panache (own it, love it)

Porcelain bra by Panache

While some of these brands go lower, Nordstrom stocks band sizes 30 and up.  Looking for 28s?  Let them know!

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