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Sweet Nothings x Broad Lingerie. Photo (c) Sylvie Rosokoff

Broad Lingerie: The Black and White Edit

[This post is sponsored by Broad Lingerie] I’m really excited to share with you today a taste (hee, unintentional cake reference, but I’m keeping it) of an upcoming collaboration with Broad Lingerie. If you wear larger cup sizes and haven’t yet read their outstanding blog, or if you’re not yet following Broad’s excellent Instagram, you’re […] Read more…

Sweet Nothings for Bluestockings Boutique, wearing Bettie Page Lingerie. Photo (c) Michi Rezin

Happy Anniversary to Bluestockings Boutique: Celebrating Ethically Made Lingerie

[Today’s post is sponsored by Bluestockings Boutique, an online lingerie boutique specifically focused on serving the LGBTQIA+ community.] I am so excited to partner with Bluestockings Boutique to celebrate their second anniversary! Lingerie retail is hugely challenging at the best of times, but it’s much harder, as founder Jeanna Kadlec has written about in her blog, when […] Read more…

Light and Shadow: Boudoir Inspiration from Lillian Bassman and Dear Scarlett. Model: Sweet Nothings, Photo: Studio Rezin

Light and Shadow: Boudoir Inspiration from Lillian Bassman and Dear Scarlett

[Disclosure: this post is sponsored by Dear Scarlett.] I first wrote about Lillian Bassman back in 2013, and my feelings about her work have only grown fonder. A 20th-century photographer who nearly single-handedly created the lingerie editorial, her photographs are still remarkable today for their beauty and intimacy. I particularly love their centering of the subject’s experience and […] Read more…