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Enell Sports Bra pink

My Half-Marathon MVP: The Enell Sports Bra

At this point in my life I have tried a whole lotta sports bras, y’all. I’ve tried some bad ones, sure, but happily in full-bust world there are some really, REALLY good ones out there. I don’t think of myself as an athlete, nor indeed as even being remarkably¬†athletic, but as a well-endowed person who […] Read more…

Panache Sport sports bra red

Review: Panache Sports Bra

I cannot BELIEVE I haven’t reviewed this bra yet. Sorry, I know it’s January and we’re all kind of sick of get-fit-now! advertorials and activewear-for-a-new-you! articles [Update: Bras and Body Image has a fantastic, compassionate¬†post up today about how “fitspo” can be problematic], but since we’re talking about it anyway, and furthermore since it IS […] Read more…