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Sweet Nothings 2018 holiday: The Lady of Shalott. (c) Sylvie Rosokoff

Women of Prophecy: The Lady of Shalott

The Pre-Raphaelites loved the Lady of Shalott. Oh they loooooved her, couldn’t get enough of her, painted her multiple times, continually re-conceiving and reworking her story and image. Even Tennyson published two separate versions of his great poem, one in 1833 and one in 1842. The Lady of Shalott is loosely based in Arthurian legend […] Read more…

Playful Promises Marlene Lilac Quarter Cup Bra, 32-42 B-G

Five Purple Full-Bust Lingerie Sets

Finally, to wrap up a week of colorful lingerie, here are five of my favorite purple lingerie sets for D+ sizes! Once again, I want to send so much love to everyone who celebrates and is honored by Pride Month. I am so glad you’re here, and I hope this month is one of happiness and […] Read more…

Ewa Michalak Wersal Bra, 30-44 D-K

Five Blue Full-Bust Lingerie Sets

Today’s post was easily, EASILY the hardest one to put together, just because there are so, so, so many blue lingerie sets out there (and also because I love blue lingerie, even thought I once complained there was too much, but that was a lie, there can’t be too much). Blue seems to be joining […] Read more…

Bravissimo Lulu Bra, 28-38 DD-K

Five Green Full-Bust Lingerie Sets

Oooooh, there are so many lovely green lingerie sets out there right now, I actually had a bit of trouble narrowing today’s list down to five! Even though it’s not pictured, Freya released a lovely Aquamarine color for their Fancies collection that covers three bra styles and a bralette, so I thought that was worth mentioning if […] Read more…

Bravissimo Harper Bralette, 38-38 DD-J

Five Red Full-Bust Lingerie Sets

June is Pride Month, and I want to wish a very happy Pride to all those who celebrate and are honored by this month. It’s going to be a colorful week here at Sweet Nothings, starting with a round-up of some of my favorite D+ bras in shades of red! Read more…

Peek and Beau Tallulah Sequin Bra and Brief, US 32-42 A-I, 4-24 ($39/26)

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Lingerie Pieces Fit for a Queen

Inspired by our Women in Power: Celestial Queens editorial, here are some holiday lingerie shopping or gift suggestions to help you channel the splendor of a queen, right in the comfort of your own home. In putting together this list, I went for drama, with powerful colors like wine red, emerald green, and rich blue, lots […] Read more…

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