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Panache Sports Bra

Building Your Personal Lingerie Wardrobe

So you’re getting to know your size, and you’re getting to know what’s out there in terms of styles. I’m sure you would LOVE it if I gave you a shopping list and sent you out to build a lingerie wardrobe, yes? Nah. Honestly, the kinds of bras and accessories you want to stock your […] Read more…

brav alana size

On Sizing

Size Range for Bravissimo’s “Alana” bra Short version: American bra sizing is wack and should be ashamed of itself. Short version Part B: The alphabet doesn’t end at D. Short version Part C: Do not trust Victoria’s Secret; that bitch will most likely lie to you. Long version: Heeeeere we go. Sorry. I think lots […] Read more…

Hello, Gorgeous

Hi. I’m blogging about underwear and baking. You’re welcome, Internet! So, look, I wanted to be a ballerina. I am probably the only little girl who ever wanted to be a ballerina ever ever ever in the history of the world, right? Sometimes in my dreams I am still an AMAZING ballerina, and when I […] Read more…

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