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Bridal Boudoir- Sweet Nothings wears Elomi Maria Basque and Brief

Losing Weight in Public

[This post talks about weight loss, body image, and public reactions to weight and weight loss. Please feel free to skip if you need to!] So this month there’s been an odd uptick in the number of people who commented on my body at the office. My direct supervisor, two of my closest colleagues, and […] Read more…

Sweet Nothings Third Anniversary Giveaway with InnerTruth Panties

Sweet Nothings 3rd Anniversary Giveaway: Inner Truth Panties

Welcome to Day 3 of the Sweet Nothings 3rd Anniversary Giveaways! Be sure to checkout Monday’s Panache giveaway and Tuesday’s Parfait giveaway, too– all giveaways will run through Thursday, May 14. I’ve mentioned a few times that Sweet Nothings has a no-body-snark policy. Inspired by the Lingerie Addict, this policy means that any dissection, criticism, […] Read more…

Sweet Nothings Goes to London

Lingerie Adventures in London

I went to London you guys! Oh man, it was so great. I seriously loved it. I’d been looking forward to this trip for a long, long time. My last big vacation was 5 years go, I’d never traveled alone, I was turning 30, and London was at the top of my list of travel […] Read more…


Open Post: Shopping for Wedding Lingerie

While I haven’t personally run the gauntlet of wedding dress + lingerie shopping, I’ve accompanied women who have, and I have to say: not impressed. I talked about it a little bit here, but mostly I’ve been genuinely taken aback by the occasionally insensitive, uninformed, and even downright body-snarky comments I’ve heard from store associates in bridal […] Read more…

Model: Cora Harrington, The Lingerie Addict. Photographer: POC Photo. Makeup/Hair/Styling: The Shanghai Pearl. Lingerie: Dottie's Delights, Von Follies by Dita Von Teese, Vintage Vanity Fair via Intimate Retreat, Stockingirl.

Boudoir Photography Week: The Day of the Shoot

Welcome to Day 3 of Boudoir Photography Week!  Today I’m sharing some tips for the day of the shoot, illustrated once again by some of my favorite bloggers’ stunning pin-up and boudoir photos. Morning of: DRINK WATER.  When in doubt, have yourself a sip of water. Do a little bit of exercise– some stretches, yoga, […] Read more…

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